Essay On When I Was Cheated

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Essay On When I Was Cheated

It all happened in a minute. I had just taken out a currency note from my purse, and given it to the fruit-seller, who was packing the oranges in a paper bag for me. I took the bag and came home. I did not check my bag of books or pockets on the way, as I did not need money to purchase the ticket in the bus. I had a monthly bus-pass, as well as a season ticket, for the local train, for full three months.

Reaching home, I was asked by my mother to get two bottles of fresh milk from the store opposite our flat, as the milk supplied in the morning had turned sour. I then remembered to look for my purse which I keep in my bag of books under double zip. The bag was nowhere to be found. Then I recollected that that day I had left the bag on the library-shelf and had kept my purse in my hand. But what happened to the purse? I could not recollect.

When later in the night, I remembered the sequence of events, I faintly recollected a lad of fourteen just from behind me, asking for two oranges offering a five-rupee note. He had taken the oranges and the balance amount of change in the twinkling of an eye and vanished in the crowd. Perhaps it was the same boy, who had either lifted my purse from the pile of oranges on the trolley of the fruit-seller or someone else who picked my purse. The purse contained my Identity Card, Fee-Receipt and about one hundred and fifty rupees.

That is the lone incident in my whole student career, when I was cheated by someone whom I am not able to recollect, even after fifteen months, !

Essay On When I Was Cheated


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