Essay on Apple

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Essay on Apple: It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away; that is why it is the most consumed fruit in the world. Apple is also my favorite fruit. The color of the apple is red, yellow, and green. Apple is beneficial for health. Apples come in many sizes, and it is sweet fruit. If we eat an apple every day, it is perfect for our health. Many vitamins are found in apples, and it is a good source of Vitamin C. Today, we will write an apple essay.

Essay on Apple

Essay on Apple

The famous saying, “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” helps us to understand that apple is a healthier fruit. You will never fall ill if you consume an apple a day.

The apple is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. Apples grow on trees that lose their leaves every year. Apples have been grown for thousands of years. They were brought to North America by European people. There are several descriptions of apples in the traditional stories and different cultures. Apples are important in Greek and Christian traditions.

Apple is one of the popular fruit around the world. Based on its different features, some of the varieties of apples grown worldwide are Gala, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Yellow Transparent, Pacific rose, Lobo, Pink Lady, etc. These apples are of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Different types of apples are of different tastes. They are used in cooking as well as eating raw. Apples are also used in preparing different sweets and drinks.

In 2012, about 63 million tons of apples were grown worldwide. China produced almost half of this total. The United States of America is the second-largest producer of apples in the world. Turkey stands third, followed by Italy, India, and Poland.

Usually, the apple tree is 6 to 15 feet tall. The leaves are dark green in color. Flowers on an apple tree are white. The fruit ripens in late summer or autumn. The skin of ripe apples is mostly red, yellow, green, or pink in color. It is a round fruit and usually has firm pale yellowish-white, pink or yellow flesh.

The apple tree was possibly the earliest tree to be cultivated. Its fruits have been improved over thousands of years. Alexander the Great had found dwarfed apples in Kazakhstan in Asia in 328 BC. In the 17th century, apples were brought to America. In 1625, Reverend Blaxton planted the first apple orchard in Boston.

Similar to other fruits, there are many health benefits of eating apples. Apples contain no fats. Eating apples is not at all harmful to health. An apple also has many nutrients like vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help us to keep our bodies healthy and free from diseases. Vitamin C which is present in apples is an important nutrient. Its most important function is to protect our body from different diseases.

In every sense, it is true that eating apples is very good for health.

Essay on Apple
Essay on Apple


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