Essay On Television : Its Advantages and Disadvantages

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Essay On Television : Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The Television is one of the greatest and most popular inventions of man. Practically every home has a T.V. today. It provides entertainment 24 hours a day, everyday. It provides a lot of programmes that interest all age groups through its various channels. It keeps people away not only from getting bored but also very economically. The expense to view its programme would not suffice to go to a theatre and see a single film

Apart from entertainment, the T.V. provides the cheapest means of education, information and news just for a few hundred rupees. The T.V. provides news, views, films, plays, serials, music, magic shows, cartoon films, circus shows, games, sports, religious programmes etc. In certain remote places where there are no schools. T.V. can be used to educate the children. The T.V. is indeed a great boon to man.

Too much of anything is not good. So also T.V. watching should be done in moderation watching it just for a certain amount of time each day. Because of T.V. our other regular activities must not suffer. T.V. should be watched only after completion of my school home-work and studies. T.V. watching should not take up my games time which is essential to keep my body fit and healthy.

In short T.V. is and can be a great blessing in one’s life if one watches only selected programmes that will help him. He must watch the T.V. without letting it take away the time from other more important activities. It can became a curse if one allows oneself to become a T.V. Addict. The T.V. can be a very good servant as long as you are in full control. If one becomes its slave the T.V. becomes a very bad master

Essay On Television  Its Advantages and Disadvantages


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