Essay On Science its Advantages and Disadvantages

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Essay On Science its Advantages and Disadvantages

The modern age is an age of science. Miracles performed by saints and prophets like Moses have been relegated to the background. Some of the best comforts of the present day are due to scientific discoveries and inventions.

Inventions of science have led to the development fast means of transport. Railways, ships and aeroplanes have enabled us to travel from one place to another in the shortest possible time. The world has become a global village. Space travel has become a possibility. The day does not seem to be far when a regular spaceship service from the earth to the moon and back would become a reality.

One of the greatest wonders of science is electricity. It removes darkness and runs our machines. Many electrical appliances are there to help a housewife. The refrigerator, the washing machine, the cooking gas, the electric kettle have lightened her burden. Atomic energy has brought new wonders and nuclear power is used to launch rockets and missiles. Science has given us different media of entertainment. Radio, transistor, gramophone, cinema and television provide us good entertainment. Science has also enabled us to conquer Nature.

Man has landed on the moon and the sea has been fathomed. Rivers have been tamed and many dams have been built. With the discovery of X-rays, it has become very easy to locate the injury or the fracture of the patient and operations are performed in a painless manner. Many diseases like Tuberculosis and cancer are no longer considered dangerous and incurable.
Computers are doing the work of calculation for thousands of clerks. Scientific research in agriculture has improved the quality of seeds, cattle and manure.

But science has also brought horrors to man. The invention of the atom bomb and other horrible missiles have made the wonders of science, a danger for civilization. Science has placed the destruction power in the hands of man. It has given hydrogen bombs, nuclear bombs, tanks, missiles in the hands of mankind. All this has raised the threat of a nuclear war. The wonders of science must be used for the welfare of mankind.

Essay On Science its Advantages and Disadvantages


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