Essay On The Autobiography Of A Peon

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Essay On The Autobiography Of A Peon

I am a simple and poor person working as a school peon to earn my living. My name is Eric. I am different in nature from the peons working in other offices. Most of the office peons are very impolite and proud. However, I am not so. I am very humble, helpful and well mannered person. Some of the students and teachers call me as a figure of simplicity, obedience and modesty.

According to many, I am very important person in school. I am respected by the teachers and students alike. I wear a special uniform and a badge when I am on duty. I am a hardworking man but a poor fellow. I reach the school an hour before it gets started. I have to unlock Principal’s office, classrooms, staffroom and assembly hall. I have to do dusting of all the rooms, clean the chairs, desks and benches with a cloth.

My main duty is to keep a watch on the wall clock in the corridor and ring the bell after every period. I carry the notice book and circulars from the Principal to the different classes. Teachers read out the notice to the students in their respective classes. I put the office-records on the table in the correct order. I also keep the class registers at their proper place. My duties gain greater importance at the time of examinations. Besides my official duties, I have to do some mental work for the school. For teachers, clerks and accountants I carry tea, coffee and some refreshments from the canteen.

Sometimes, I am sent out of the school for some official work. I have to be highly responsible because many times each day I have to move between the Principal and the staff, between the Principal and the teachers and between the Principal and the senior authorities of the school. As I am likely to know some of the office secrets, I have to remain careful while talking and in carrying some of my duties.

As you know that I am merely a school peon, I can hardly pull on the living of my family. I receive a very small sum of salary. I do not expect any personal rewards from the teachers or the students. I lead very plain and simple life. However, I am aware of a painful fact that after my retirement, my services will be slowly forgotten as many of us have a tendency to forget humble things of our life.

Essay On The Autobiography Of A Peon


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