Essay On The Autobiography of a Dog

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Essay On The Autobiography of a Dog

I am the fifth child of my parents. My father was an Alsatian but my mother was an ordinary breed. I was born very near a hotel kitchen. There I could get the leftovers to eat. Later on, when I grew up, I was turned out and I became a street dog.

One day, I was caught by a boy who used to take me for joy rides in his car. He sold me to an Air Force officer. I stayed with him for long. I was very happy with him. He put a leather collar with my name around my neck. He used to take me in the aeroplane also. Thus I enjoyed the aerial view of most of the important cities.

When the officer left for a foreign country, he presented me to a friend of his, a businessman. The second master loved pets. He had a number of dogs, cats, birds, hares, tortoises, ponies etc. He had a big yard for them. He once took me to a dog-show, where I got the second prize. Then he realised my importance, and started taking me in his car to his friends, in the evening, almost every week.

A lady took a fancy for me. She persuaded the businessman to give me to her, for a good sum. She was a widow and her son, Jim, needed a pet. I lived with them very happily. Jim got admission recently in a good English school in the U.K. and the lady also went with him. Then bad days started. She left me withthe maid-servant. She also had to leave me for good, as she already had a big family and did not need me. She left me to be a street dog.

My future is now very uncertain. But I hope to find some good home again. Who knows what is in store for me?

Essay On The Autobiography of a Dog


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