Essay On How I Spent My Holidays

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Essay On How I Spent My Holidays

I wanted to get away from the city with its noise and crowds. So I went to my native village for my holidays.

The village was calm and quiet. My relatives welcomed me with joy. They offered me simple whole-some food to eat. Being on the thin and frail side, I could enjoy pure milk and ghee to my hearts content. I got plenty of fresh air. I enjoyed the simple village life.

I took pleasure in the company of nature. My heart was glad at the sight of green fields, trees and birds. It was good to watch the farmers reaping the crop. They cheerfully sang and did their work. Much of my time was spent in the open air. I went on long walks or played games like hu-tu-tu with the village boys.

At the same time I did not wish to waste my time. I wanted to do something useful. So I collected some of the village boys and started to teach them to read and write, In a month’s time they had all learnt to read and write a little at least. They felt quite pleased with themselves. They thanked me for educating them.

The time came for me to return to the city. I was sorry to return because I had thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the village. But I was also happy because I had helped to educate the villagers. I had tried to do my bit to get rid of illiteracy and I had improved in health. So I thought that my holidays had been well spent.

Essay On How I Spent My Holidays


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