Essay On The Autobiography Of A Question Paper

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Essay On The Autobiography Of A Question Paper

I was born in a special room and under strict security. Paper-setter can be called as my father or mother. Soon after I was born, I was wrapped in a brown envelop wherein I slept like a dead man in a coffin.

One fine morning, when I was taken out of the envelop, I was happy to find myself on a big table. The typist typed me on a fresh white paper. Soon I got a new look. I appeared neat and tidy. However, my soul remained same.

Now there was a constant danger over me. A few cheaters tried to kidnap me. Luckily, I was placed between iron walls. The walls secured me from those cheaters. Soon I was send to a printing press where several other question papers looking exactly like me were printed. While returning from the press, we were guarded by some police officers.

On that very day, at about 10 AM, I was wrapped tightly in a bundle with many of my brothers and was taken to the examination hall in a police jeep. Within no time, I came into the hands of a girl who was sitting on a bench. She started trembling as soon as she saw me. However, as she went on writing answers to the questions typed on me, she grew in confidence. She made many pencil marks on my beautiful white body. When she left the hall, I had almost lost my beauty. After we reached home, she had a glance at me and made guesses of marks that she would get. At night, she discussed me with her mother. Both looked happy after the discussion. From that day onwards, I remained in her

question paper file for nearly two months. She treated me like an unwelcomed guest. On the day of the result, she took me out of the file, counted and recounted the marks that she may get. Until now, I was totally crumpled and filled with many cracks. To my sorrow, she did not care for me once she got the news of her success.

After a few days, her friend borrowed me. My glory had gone. She did not look at me with respect and worries. Soon after her examination a year later, my value to her was next to nothing. In this way, I changed hands for a few years. Now I am dusting in a file between the piles of old newspapers.

Essay On The Autobiography Of A Question Paper


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