Essay on A Visit To The Radio Station

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Essay on A Visit To The Radio Station
Essay on A Visit To The Radio Station

Essay on A Visit To The Radio Station

I have visited quite a few places with my parents and friends. Among all, a visit to the radio station is unforgettable. A radio station is an important place. One cannot visit it whenever he wishes. There is a specific process for visiting the radio station.

Last month I visited Zenith FM 39.1 radio station with my friends, Roxana and Delzin. Roxana had brought four visitor’s passes. One pass was for visiting the radio station and the other three were for our individual admission in one of the educational programs that were to be conducted by RJ Tehmtan. Special guests from the educational faculty were invited. This program was broadcasted in front of a live audience.

I started with my friends at ten in the morning. We boarded a local bus and reached the radio station before an hour. It was a gigantic and gorgeous five-storied building. The building had blue glasses on its exterior. It was neat and clean from inside as well as outside. As soon as we entered, we saw a reception counter attached to a huge hall where at least seventy people were sitting and working.

Some of them were working on computers. In the beginning, we were puzzled. Soon we found sign plates showing the names of different departments.

For the very first time, I saw a huge room full of machines indicating small colorful lights. I also saw the recording room where a program was being recorded. It was a soundproof room. Next, we saw a technical department. Here people were keeping a close watch so that the things that were broadcast stayed faultless. Qualified and skillful people were busy operating a number of machines.

After we walked through different departments of the station, we came to a hall where they live program was going to be conducted. We occupied our sets. Soon RJ Tehmtan accompanied by three dignitaries entered the room. Everybody stood up and welcomed them with a huge round of applause. The audience was told to maintain discipline and pin-drop silence during the live program. The program began. Several questions were asked by the RJ. Even some people from the audience were allowed to ask questions. We learned many new things. The program lasted for almost an hour. It was a very good learning experience.

At the end of the program, we came out. Now I had not only seen the radio station but also participated as an audience in a live program. I returned home with a happy heart. The memory of that day is still fresh in my mind.


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