Essay On How I Caught A Thief?

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Essay On How I Caught A Thief?

According to many I must be an expert thiefcatcher when I succeeded in actually catching a thief last night. It was a long working day and I was very tired. Therefore, last night I went to bed a little earlier to get some extra and good sleep. At about two, I heard some soft sounds from the next room. It was my parents’ bedroom. My father had gone on business tour for two week. I and my mother were alone in the house.

I looked through the crevice in the door. As the beams of street light were entering the room, it was partially visible to see what was going inside. I was at first horrified to see a man. He was a thief. He was tall and well built. I saw him gathering currency notes from the cupboard of my father, the lock of which he had broken open. My mother was sleeping in my room. I rushed towards her, woke her up noiselessly and told her about the thief in a low voice.

I gethered all my courage, went out of my room again and locked my parents’ bedroom from outside. I also locked the outer gate of the house so that even if the thief came out of the window, the grill of which he had broken to enter the room, he cannot escape.

a With the help of my mother, I locked all the doors and windows from outside. We raised an alarm that my father had fitted near the main door of the house. Within a few minutes, a large number of our helpful neighbours came and gathered outside the gate of our house. Now, I opened the gate and came out with my mother. Immediately I locked the gate from outside.

Thereafter, I rang up the police. The police arrived within no time. The police entered the house and caught the thief with all our valuable belongings. The senior police officer congratulated me for my brave act. My mother as well as all the neighbours were proud of me. Thus, my bravery and presence of mind was appreciated by everyone. After a week, I was called and honoured by the police department at a ceremony.

Essay On How I Caught A Thief


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