Essay On An Hour at a School Laboratory

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Essay On An Hour at a School Laboratory

Nowadays the study of science is given great importance. So our school has a well-equipped laboratory and well-trained science teachers. We spend our time in an interesting way in the laboratory

Our laboratory is spacious and airy. It has many long tables and stools. It also has a number of cupboards along the walls. These contain equipment and specimens. We were told to be very careful while handling all the glass apparatus and other things in the laboratory.

We were taken to the laboratory to perform an experiment. First our science teacher gave us a demonstration. He showed us how to perform the experiment. Then we split up into batches and were asked to do the same experiment. We had to find out the specific gravity of water, milk and spirit.

Our batch was not successful in its first attempt to perform the experiment. Our teacher explained our mistake. We succeeded when we repeated the experiment. We got the correct results. Then we felt happy. We were very pleased with ourselves. We spent an interesting hour inside the laboratory.

Essay On An Hour at a School Laboratory


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