Essay On An Hour at a Variety Entertainment Show

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Essay On An Hour at a Variety Entertainment Show

Our school organised a variety Entertainment Show. The funds were to go towards Kutchh Earthquake Relief Fund. All of us sold tickets for the show.

On the day of the show, my friend and I reached late. We had been delayed because of a traffic jam. We reached the hall an hour late. Six items were already over.

As we entered a dance performance was about to start. A little girl of eight yearsappeared and danced beautifully in the Bharat Natyam style. There was loud applause. This item was followed by an English drama. It was a one-act play and a comedy. The actors and actresses played their parts very well. The audience laughed a lot and enjoyed themselves. This drama was very entertaining. Then came a group of Rajasthani dancers. The dancers wore gorgeous and colourful costumes. Soon after came mimicry. A boy of twelve years gave a skilful imitation of the sounds made by several animals and birds. We all appreciated his clever performance.

The best show which we watched was a performance of magic show by a student of Std VIII. He did amazing magic tricks which kept the people thinking and wondering till the end.

We then noticed that it was quite late. We lived at a great distance. It would take us an hour and a half to get back home. So we left the place in the middle the hurriedly. We were very perplexed to miss the rest of the show but we really could not do anything about it. I must say that we liked whatever we saw of this show. We had spent a pleasant hour watching the show.


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