Essay On Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

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Essay On Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

It is often found that birds of the same kind flock and fly together. Parrots, pigeons, sparrows, crows and swans fly in their own groups. A sparrow would not be seen to join a crow and vice versa. There are certain birds that flock together to cross the oceans and seas in search of warmer regions. Whenever we see a flock of birds flying in the sky, we find that they all belong to the same class. Birds of the same kind feed and travel together.

Birds feel comfortable staying only in flock of its kind. It is same in the case of human beings. Usually we make friendships with people of our nature and abilities. People of the same kind are found together. Those with similar interest, beliefs, language, tastes, etc. often form groups and stay with each other. They might not be comfortable in a different type of company. Learned people like to remain in the company of the learned. Intelligent students prefer the company of intelligent students whereas mischievous students like the company of their same kind. Lawyers, doctors, businesspersons and politicians like the company of people of same nature and interest. In order to form a long lasting friendship, people must have common approaches. Even the nations keep friendly relations with the nations having similar interests and ideas.

The character of a person can be judged by the company he stays. If he moves in a circle of drunkards, he will perhaps be the same. If he passes his time in a circle of good men, his nature is likely to improve. Bad company can spoil his character if he moves with bad people. People who think alike often end up staying together. However, those who differ on viewpoints and outlooks, often find different paths in life.

It is not wrong to say that birds of same feather flock together. The question that arises is – Why do likeminded people bond easily as compared to people of opposing views. The answer lies in the human approval. People like being accepted and supported by others with their weakness. Staying in the company of people whose opinions are different on several matters take away from people their chance of being appreciated. Thus, people like to stay with those who respect them rather with those who regularly criticize them.

Staying with people, who think similar, definitely lifts up the confidence of a person. However, at times, it leads to false beliefs about oneself. Often, when people do not face criticism, they begin to grow overconfident. This can prove to be dangerous. Similarly, staying in the company of likeminded people take away from a person his chances of growing. Thus, one can also say that birds of same feather should not always flock together.

Essay On Birds Of A Feather Flock Together


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