Essay On Boating in the Moonlight

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Essay On Boating in the Moonlight

Last Diwali vacation we took a trip to Mahabaleshwar. The scenery there was marvellous, the climate was cool and the lake was very beautiful. One of the pleasures you enjoy in Mahabaleshwar is boating on the lake. I myself am afraid of water. My friends persuaded me to join them in the boat ride. My friends and I hired a boat. There were six of us and two boatmen.

It was a moonlit night. The soft light of the moon fell upon everything and gave everything a silvery hue. The waters of the lake looked as if they were made of silver. The air was cool and fresh. A gentle breeze was blowing.

We rowed away from the bank of the lake. We sang songs together and enjoyed our boat-ride. It took us a whole hour to get back. Some of us had taken flutes and guitars with us. We had lovely music and singing. Much too soon our wonderful boat-ride was over. We had to return to the shore of the lake.

Reluctantly we climbed out of the boat. I forgot to tell you about something that happened in the course of our boat-ride. One of our friends said that he knew how to row. He asked the boatmen to hand over the oars to him. They did so. When he actually started rowing, the boat made no progress. It just went round in circles. Our friend felt very foolish. All of us laughed at him. He quietly returned the oars to the boatmen. Then we came back to the shore.

I shall never forget that boat-ride in the moonlight. It was an unforgettable experience. If I were a poet, I would have composed a poem on it. Since I am not, I have written just a simple essay.

Essay On Boating in the Moonlight


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