Essay On The Wonders of the e-mail

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Set 1: Essay On The Wonders of the e-mail

By e-mail is meant electronic-mail. It is in the fastest mode in comparison to postal communication in existence. It involves the use of a computer with internet facility. In such a computer the letter one wants to send anywhere in the world is keyed in, at the press of a button the letter reaches the computer of the addressee to whom the letter has been addressed to within the time it takes to think of the person, the entire letter reaches him.

The e-mail has come a very long way from the time man learnt to write. The earliest known communication through letters had messengers running long distances with the letters, there were messengers of horse back. Animals too were used for the purpose which included pigeons, falcons and dogs. Once the wheel was invented the post moved on wheels and the postal system became more organised and gathered more speed with the invention of the aeroplane the post gathered even more speed. To those who are able to avail of Email service today the postal system using the fastest of planes appears out-dated and primitive.

One just wonders whether any other thing could possibly be faster than e-mail service. It is hard to imagine anything that can be faster than the wonderful e-mail service.

Essay On The Wonders of the e-mail

Set 2: Essay On The Wonders of the e-mail

E-mail is a computer-based technique of sending message and data to other people by the means of a computer connected to a network. E-mail is abbreviated as electronic mail. E-mail allows everyone with the Internet to send as much information one desires whenever and most importantly for a minimal price. E-mail has almost replaced the art of letter writing. It is true that due to advanced technology in computer and networking system, E-mail has become more popular in modern times.

The E-mail has come a very long way from the time man learnt to write. Earlier messengers travelled long distances on the horse back with the letters. Other animals and birds too were used for this purpose. Dogs and pigeons were important among them. Once man invented wheels, the postal services gained little momentum and became organized. However, with the use of aeroplane the post not only generated speed but also lot of time was saved.

E-mail is one of the fastest modes of communication in comparison to postal services. The facility of E-mail can be enjoyed using a computer with Internet connection. Through computer the message can be send anywhere in the world. At the press of a few buttons, the message reaches the computer of the recipient to whom the matter has been forwarded. The entire matter reaches within a few minutes. E-mail allows people to send attachment files from their computers with different sorts of information such as photos, videos, music and different text documents.

E-mail is a cheap, fast, convenient and an easy way to communicate to almost anyone with Internet connection. In addition to being a huge convenience for consumers, E-mail connects the world with a simple click. In E-mail system, messages are created, sent and read on computer screen without printing them. Thus, it also saves paper work. Those who are able to take benefits of this service find the postal system using the fastest of planes to be out-dated.

One cannot deny that today E-mail has a huge impact on professional and social communication. It is hard to wonder that in future any other communication service could possibly be faster than the wonderful E-mail.


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