Essay On A Day in the Life of a Nurse

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Essay On A Day in the Life of a Nurse

A nurse on duty is always seen in spotless white starched clothes. She also wears a white starched cap on her head. She has varying hours of duty. She is required to do eight hours of work at a time. Sometimes she is on night duty and sometimes on day duty.

She gets up early and gets ready to go on duty. She enters the hospital and takes over the charge from the nurse on night duty. Then she starts her day’s work.

She goes round from patient to patient and takes their temperatures. She notes these down on the charts by their bedside. She sponges the patients and keeps them clean before the doctor comes to see them. She accompanies the doctor on his rounds. She listens carefully to the doctor’s instructions. She gives the patients their injections. She bandages the wounds of patients who are injured or have been operated.

In the operation theatre she assists the doctor. She keeps the surgical instruments ready before the operation. She passes the instruments to the doctor during the operation. Like the doctors, she too has to wear a mask over her nose and mouth during an operation. Some operations last several hours. The nurse has to be on her feet all the time.

She has a difficult job. She is very tired after her day’s work. She keeps cheerful even when patients complain and grumble at her. She treats them with patience and kindness. Sometimes even the doctors and head nurses shout at her. She puts up with all this very patiently.

In spite of her hard work, she is poorly paid. As she is a very useful public servant, she must be well paid and better treated.

Essay On A Day in the Life of a Nurse
Essay On A Day in the Life of a Nurse

Essay On Life of a Nurse

A nurse symbolizes service and humanity.

Her time is spent in the service of humanity. She has a keen sense of duty. It is the noblest profession. She is required to do the duty for eight hours daily. The times of working are not fixed. She is to work in different shifts.

She wears a white uniform with a cap on her head. She is very punctual in her work. As she reaches the hospital she takes charge of her ward from the other nurse and soon she is busy with her work. She is called ‘Sister’ generally.

While taking her first round of the ward she greets all the patients with a smile. She notes down the temperature of every patient on the chart. She gives the medicines and injection provided by the doctor. Her words of sympathy, love and hope are a big relief to the patients.

She is supposed to be with the doctor when he is on round of the ward to tell about the condition of each patient. She notes down the medicine and other precautionary measures as prescribed by the doctor. She is to follow the doctor’s instructions very carefully.

She sees that the food served to the patient is according to doctor’s advice as she is also responsible for the patient’s diet. She never allows any change without consulting the doctor. If the condition of any patient demands an immediate action, she at once informs the doctor.

Essay On A Day in the Life of a Nurse


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