Essay On Importance of Trees

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Set 1: Essay On Importance of Trees

Filly Mot Our earth is rich with natural resources. Trees are also a nature’s gift which provide the atmosphere with a pleasant aroma and even minimize the pollution of the air. Trees take in Carbon-di-Oxide and convert it into Oxygen which is used by all the living beings for breathing. It is very essential for all of us. Trees also give us food, medicines and wood which we use in many ways such as to make furniture, houses and for fuel.

Trees give shelters to the birds and many other creatures. Forests play an important role in our ecosystem. But today, we are cutting the trees in a very large number and so the weather, today, is changed. The temperature of the earth is getting high & high day by day. We should keep in mind that trees are our true friends and we should not cut them. We should even plant more and more trees and save the planet earth.

Essay On Importance of Trees

Set 2: Essay On Importance of Trees

People in Europe and America think of India as a land full of jungle with Tigers and peacocks in plenty. That picture of India would have been realistic a few hundred years ago. Today India is sadly a different and quite a miserable country because of just one reason – man’s greed.

It was the jungles of India that made our country extremely beautiful. Today, because of large scale cutting of forests for man’s comfort, our motherland suffers regularly through floods, droughts and famines. The country now has a vast desert and lot of waste lands.

Trees are extremely useful to man. They prevent erosion of top-soil by rain or flood waters. Trees give us shade and cool the surrounding area. They add life to a place with their colour and beauty. They take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which all of us breathe in.

Trees are our best friends. They provide us with timber, medicines, paper, gum and numerous other useful products. Politicians of plant trees at the inauguration of big projects etc., and give long speeches about the importance of trees but those some trees soon wither and die for lack of care.

The government also goes in for large scale planting of trees from time to time but owing to lack of care, they need, after planting within for a few months most of them perish. It is time that each one of us should try to plant trees and look after them otherwise there is no other way to save our earth from its path to total destruction in not very distant future.


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