Essay On Selfishness

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Essay On Selfishness

A selfish man aims at obtaining as much happiness as he can for himself and does not care whether other people are happy or unhappy. In order to attain his objective, he tries to obtain as large share as possible of the good things around him. Whenever he has as opportunity of doing something that he likes, he enjoys himself even at the expanse of his fellow men.

One can find many notable examples in History by throwing light on selfishness shown by despotic monarchs. They believed that they had nothing else to do in the world but only search for the satisfaction of their different hunger. Selfishness is not only limited to kings and emperors, but also among common people belonging to different sections of society. All over the world, most of the people have a tendency of taking an unfair share of everything and trying their best to use others as means to the attainment of their personal pleasure.

Children should always be taught to share all they get with other children. If such practice is taught from childhood, they are not so likely to grow up selfish. However, the habit of living alone seems to make people sometimes selfish. a Some people are quite foolish to understand the fact that they must always sacrifice their general happiness for the sake of a limited number of not very valuable pleasures. It is quite possible that a selfish man will cunningly persuade his relatives and friends to sacrifice their interests to his. Sometimes a selfish person in a family get their own wishes satisfied at the expense of the goodnatured members of the family who are known to be unselfish and are not expected to dislike any wrong done to them.

Most of us accept that selfishness is both wrong and unhealthy. Acting for only one’s selfinterest makes a person selfish. Choosing to pursue the career against parent’s wish, choosing to have children or not, claiming freedom and individual rights rather than living under strict rules, shows selfish nature of a person. Even ordinary things such as breathing, eating and avoiding an approaching car while crossing the street can be counted as selfish acts. However, such acts are necessary for human survival.

Essay On Selfishness


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