Essay On Hobby – A Good Pastime

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A hobby is the best form of recreation for mind and body. People’s hobbies differ very much according to the character of the person. What would appeal to one man might be the object of ridicule for another. The best form of recreation is one that can develop in a person awareness, concentration and an observational power. In pursuance of a hobby, one can enjoy one’s leisure and learn at the same time.

There are many activities in our life which can be developed into hobbies or interests. One should choose a hobby wisely. Reading, gardening, indoor games, painting, writing, singing, dancing, or even decorating a house etc. are some well-known hobbies. President APJ Abdul Kalam listens to sitar recitals when he has leisure time.

Hobbies fill a gap. They can lift our spirits when we are depressed. They make us creative. Many friendships are forged among people who have common hobbies. The unique quality of a person can be developed with the help of a good hobby.

It eases our mind to be absorbed in something. We have something to show to our friends and it is something which is educating and brings relaxation to a tired mind. Many hobbies can be used commercially and can bring fame. Hobby is constructive. It gives the mind something positive to hold on to. Nothing can make you feel bored while you have an interesting hobby to turn to.

Essay On Hobby - A Good Pastime


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