Essay On Coffee

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Essay On Coffee
Essay On Coffee

Essay On Coffee

Coffee is a crop of the hot region. It is a famous beverage prepared from coffee powder and boiling water. It may be drunk with milk and by adding sugar. Many taste it better without sugar and milk.

Coffee is a dark brown or black drink in color. Coffee powder is made from roasted seeds called β€œcoffee beans. The drink is made by mixing boiled water with ground-roasted coffee beans. It is a well-known drink consumed by a large number of people in many countries of the world. Coffee is the ground-up berries of the coffee plant.

The coffee plant is a native of Southern Ethiopia. Originally, Dutch had started growing coffee in the Dutch East Indies to earn money. Today, people of most countries drink coffee. It is a well-preferred drink among the French, Italians, and Turks. Due to the delicate nature of the coffee leaves, it has to be saved from direct sunlight. Thus, coffee is planted under the tall shady trees.

The temperature required for a coffee plantation is 14Β° to 26Β°C. Producing coffee is profitable in such regions. Coffee plants grow rapidly in the summer rain. Cool dry seasons are useful for growing and picking berries. Moisture is needed for coffee and thus, heavy rainfall is

Coffee plantations are situated on the slopes, as they require soil from which unwanted water is drained out leaving behind rich nutrients. Lands, having a height of 500 to 1500 meters above sea level are chosen for coffee cultivation. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world.

In Brazil, coffee plantations are known as fazendas. Vietnam and Indonesia are the second and third largest coffee producers in the world. Besides these countries Mexico, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Angola, Nairobi, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Malaysia, and the Philippines are major producers of coffee. In India, Karnataka is the largest coffee-producing state.

Countries like Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Peru are the main exporters of coffee. Some of the European countries, North America, Japan, and Argentina are the major importers of coffee. Coffee has become a worldwide popular beverage in almost every country. It has become so important part of day-to-day life. Some people cannot live a day without drinking it.

Essay On Coffee


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