Essay On The Autobiography of a Mirror

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Essay On The Autobiography of a Mirror

I am a full length Belgian Mirror. I have a polished silvery surface. You can see a reflection of your whole self in my polished surface. Whenever you wish to admire yourself, you have only to look at my face. If you smile at me, I shall smile back at you. If you frown at me I too shall frown back at you.

I was born in Belgium and shipped to India. Everyone admired me when I was unpacked and displayed for sale. A great lady bought me and I followed her home. She put me up in her bedroom. She admired herself in me. She was really a very beautiful woman. I was honest with her. I let her know that she was beautiful. I led a comfortable life in her home. I was cleaned and polished daily. So I remained in an excellent condition.

All kinds of things happened in the lady’s absence. Her servant maid used to try on her best clothes and admire herself in me. Her little children would press their noses against me. Their sticky fingers were rubbed on me. My polished surface would look dull. My mistress would be angry on her return to find me looking dull and tarnished. She would scold everyone and warn her children and servants not to approach me again.

It is now many years that I have been in the service of this lady. She and I are great friends. I hope we shall remain friends till the end of my life.

Essay On The Autobiography of a Mirror


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