Essay on Cleanliness

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Essay on Cleanliness: Cleanliness is an important aspect of our life, and it is also the priority of our life. Cleanliness is important because we can get rid of many problems in life with cleanliness. Cleanliness means the habit of being clean. While staying clean keeps the body healthy, cleanliness is essential for the happiness of both body and mind. Cleanliness must be included in their daily routine by all people.

Essay Cleanliness
Essay on Cleanliness

Essay on Cleanliness

When the word โ€˜cleanliness comes to our mind, it reminds us about health. The habit of keeping oneself clean is called โ€œcleanlinessโ€™. There is a famous saying, โ€œCleanliness is close to Godliness. Here cleanliness means a long-lasting part of oneโ€™s life that is essential for a healthy body and mind. Besides providing a decent and pleasant look, cleanliness keeps diseases away. Thus, cleanliness is required for healthy living.

A person can lead a good and diseases free life if both body and mind are in a good and healthy condition. A person ignoring cleanliness of his body and clothes suffers bad health. Dirty skin, clothes, house, surroundings, etc. are all bad for oneโ€™s health. We must stay away from dirt because it results in diseases. To keep dirt away from us, we should keep our bodies clean. A person with filthy habits and dirty hands, face, clothes have no pride for himself and loses respect for others. Thus, cleanliness is necessary for oneโ€™s self-respect.

Personal cleanliness includes washing our hands, mouth, and face. We must use a cleaning agent like soaps, hand sanitizers, hand gels, etc. at regular intervals. Whenever we take out our shoes, we must clean our legs with soap with a little massage. Cleaning legs have a very positive effect on our body balance. We must wash vegetables with water before cooking them. We must cut our nails regularly.

We should also clean our noses, ears, and hair to keep ourselves clean and tidy. We should not touch our mouth and face often in public places. We must not go to our bed with school or others dressed. This helps in keeping our house free from germs. Cleaning teeth twice a day is very necessary for good dental health.

Besides cleanliness of the body, there is also the cleanliness of mind, heart, and soul. Cleanliness of mind, heart, and soul requires more effort. For keeping our minds clean and dirt-free, we must develop good habits like honesty, loyalty, truthfulness, goodness, and kindness. A person who has a clear sense of right and wrong has no fear of having done something wrong. He works hard to remain clean from inside as well as outside.

Cleanliness is an important social duty just like other social duties. Keeping our bodies and houses clean is not enough. We must also keep our neighborhood, schools, footpath, our daily usable things, etc. free of dirt and filth. Generally, many have been noticed throwing dirt out of their houses. This must be completely avoided.

As students, let us all take an oath: โ€œCleanliness is our motto and we shall promote itโ€.

Essay on Cleanliness
Essay on Cleanliness


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