Essay On If I Win a Lottery

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Essay On If I Win a Lottery

Winning a lottery is an easy way to riches. For me it shall be a dream come true for I can do almost everything I wish to do.

Who doesn’t desire to be rich or be a millionaire? Like others even I dream of leading a life where I am a subject of envy and friendship. I wish I could win a bumper lottery!

It is not easy to decide what I shall do if I win a large sum of money. I shall buy a big bungalow, expensive clothes for myself and shower my relatives and friends with rich gifts. I would love to tour my favourite tourist resorts. In a way I shall spend all the amount satisfying myself and my close associates.

Wait, wait, may be I don’t become so selfish. After all I have a soft heart for the poor. Now to plan the expenses, I shall open schools and colleges that will impart free education or make a big hospital that will give free treatment and special attention to the poor.

I shall work for the welfare the welfare of those who are often neglected by our cruel society. I shall donate generously to the charity trusts. I shall lead a noble life.

But it is not possible to be so humanitarian. What if money spoils me? After all, it is a matter of millions! I shall become mean and stingy. 1 shall put all the money in the bank and a get huge interests. Where will be the need for me to work? I can live on the interest.

I will not study further, as it is I hate those lengthy home assignments. I can play and play all day. My parent shout at me to study so that I can make a good career and earn well. If I save the money they will not say anything. I have the money. Don’t I?

Winning a lottery is still a wish. I don’t know what exactly will I do. Will I satisfy my own interests or look after others or become completely idle? No one knows what lies ahead. Neither do I. If I win a lottery and become a filthy rich person…..well what will happen is …. I AM SURE TO BECOME A MAD.

Essay On If I Win a Lottery


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