Essay On A Cobbler

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Essay On A Cobbler

A poor cobbler sits at the corner of the footpath. He does his humble work and pulls out his honest living. He mends shoes and chappals. While working, his hands become dirty and his thumbs get black. We should not dislike him or make fun of him because of his black hands. After working for several years, his condition remains the same. He becomes neither rich nor poor. He has less joys and more sorrows in his hardworking life. One always finds him doing his work with pleasure and liking.

Mostly he wears uneven half-white dhoti and a banyan or a shirt. May be his clothes are tight and have a few holes in it, but he doesnot care for his condition. He may put a turban or a loose-fitting cap on his head. His condition is so miserable that sometimes he has to use his spectacles with the help of a thread twisted in an untidy way to his ears.

A cobbler has many tools to repair the shoes and chappals. He has a tool to cut leather, meant the punching holes and a big strong needle to stitch the shoes. His other important belongings are a polish box, a piece of brown cloth, a shoe brush and a few used pieces of leather. While going home he places his belongings in a big wooden box. If the box is small he may carry along with him, or may tie it overnight with iron chains.

He sits in the open. During summer and monsoon, he arranges for a small piece of cloth or a plastic sheet to get some protection from heat and rain. Daily he sits at his place for nine to ten hours. He eats his lunch at his working place. After having lunch, he takes a break for half and hour and then is back to his work until late evening.

He provides urgent and valuable service to many of his customers. Although his work is important, he charges very reasonable. At times, as he is too slow in his work, some customers go away without getting their shoes repaired.

As he finds it difficult to carry out his daily expenses, he increases his charges. However, his condition remains the same. Even the appearance of his open-air shop never changes. He never expects any personal rewards from the customers.

A cobbler’s life is very simple and plain. As he grows old, he finds it difficult to mend shoes. Mostly no one shows sympathy towards him. No one expresses thankfulness towards him by giving tips. We should always be thankful to the cobbler for providing his valuable skills to society,

Essay On A Cobbler
Essay On A Cobbler


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