Essay On A Visit to abs Supermarket

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Essay On A Visit to abs Supermarket

General Stores, Mega Stores, Market Plazas and Supermarkets are now spread all over our city. The Supermarkets, to name a few are Big Bazaar, Charnok City, Food Bazaar, Spencer’s, Spencer’s Hyper, Spencer’s Super, Shanti Neer.

The supermarket I like best and visit the most is Spencer’s Hyper, which is very close to my house. For the first time one can be treated to the finest imported foods, a variety of cheeses, fruits and vegetables along with fresh fish and meat: The supermarket has a live kitchen and food court and a bakery that offers delicious pastries and patties. Those who like nibbling at snacks will enjoy the chatpata, jhalmuri, singara, phuchka and chaats.

A section dealing with garments has the latest in fashion offering everything from casuals to traditional for men, women and children.

The home care range displays the best in home appliances, furniture, linen, tableware, stationery and toys. These have a touch of beauty for every dream home.

A whole new world of entertainment may be discovered at the music and book section. This range includes everything from books and music to mobile phones, Xbox 360 and iPods.

Kolkatans are proud to have a supermarket like Spencer’s Hyper and I for one like to visit it as often I can.

Essay On A Visit to abs Supermarket
Essay On A Visit to abs Supermarket


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