Essay On A Visit to a Flood-Affected Area

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Essay On A Visit to a Flood-Affected Area

We visited Pune when the Panchet Dam gave way. The city of Pune and the surrounding area had been flooded. As social service workers, we went to rescue the people.

As we neared the place it was a pitiful sight. The water was several feet deep. We had to go about in boats. Small huts and houses had been washed away. Cattle were destroyed. Some families had climbed up to the roofs of their houses and awaited for some one to rescue them. We rescued many such people and took them to safe place. A mother carrying her baby in her arms was trying to get away from the rising waters. But her effort was vain.

The swirling waters rose rapidly. The baby was swept away by the force of the current and the mother herself could hardly stand. We were just in time to save her. But she wept bitterly. She could not be consoled for the loss of her child.

The fields were entirely under water. The crop had been destroyed by the flood. Farmers had lost their crop, their houses and their cattle. They had absolutely nothing left. They were destitute.

The water had entered shops and houses in the city. Grains and provisions and other goods had been destroyed by the flood. It resulted in heavy loss of life and property.

Thousands of people were affected by the flood. Government started relief measures. The food were throw need down from helicopters. They provided the victims with food and shelter. Then the people were given some help to start life once again. The students of our school also decided to help in terms of money and clothes. It was very sad to see the fate of these flood-affected people. I felt very sorry for them. I hoped no other place would suffer from such floods. I had seen the great misery and suffering that floods can cause because nature can sometimes become very cruel.

Essay On A Visit to a Flood-Affected Area
Essay On A Visit to a Flood-Affected Area


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