Essay On The Autobiography Of A Single Child

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Essay On The Autobiography Of A Single Child

Hello friends, I am Ana. Today, I have turned eight. A big birthday party was arranged by my parents. Friends, cousins, relatives and neighbours were invited. We had a great time and lot of fun. Finally, the party ended. One by one, all left. The house was empty once again. I was left alone with my birthday gifts and toys.

I saw that daddy and mummy were busy with their laptop and long telephonic conversation. Late evening show on television was making loud and unpleasant noise in the background. I was not excited to open my gifts. I decided to remove my beloved diary from the cupboard. I like to write in the diary. I wrote, could you please work up some magic and turn my doll into a real baby. I wish I had a sister or brother to play with. I love my toys, but they cannot play, kiss and hug me. They can neither wipe my tears nor comfort me when it is thundering.

Daddy and mummy keep telling me that it is good to have no brother or sister because I get to keep all my toys, books, clothes, etc. to myself. They feel that by giving me the best things, sending me to the best school and hobby classes I will be happy.

This is not the case, because I want my own sibling. I wish that soon they understand what rally makes me happy.

I feel lonely in the middle of other children. weep silently, when I see how happy my dear cousins Delzin and Zenith are. They play, fight, study, eat and sleep together. Zenith always protects Delzin from the bullies in school. I feel that they both are so lucky to have each other.

Recently, our English teacher read out an article about how the rule of having only one child has been changed in China. The Chinese Government too has realised that single child faces many problems in later years of life. I believe that most of the children turn out selfish and unhelpful when they grow. They do not have the quality of sharing things. In addition, they do not have anyone to give company and look after when they grow old.

I wish God listens to me and on my next birthday gifts me a real baby brother or sister to play with, to love, to fight and take care of.

Essay On The Autobiography Of A Single Child


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