Essay On Well Begun Is Half Done

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Essay On Well Begun Is Half Done

It frequently happens to us that something, which at first seems very difficult, is soon finished in an easy way. This can happen when we have once managed to make a good beginning. For example, some of the average students find it difficult to learn science and score well in mathematics. Every day they try hard for many hours, without realising the fact that they are making a gradual progress. All of a sudden, after some days they may find that they have learnt quite a few scientific concepts very well and they are able to do their mathematics. Here the great difficulty is to gain confidence, understand and memorise. Once the confidence is acquired, nothing else is needed but regular practice.

When a child makes its first efforts to walk and keep its balance for a few steps, it succeeds in overcoming the weakness in the way of further progress. While learning skates and riding a bicycle, one has to go through number of difficulties. However, with practice a person learns to keep his balance with the help of a support. In the beginning, it seems to be a very risky foundation, but later with practice, it appears easy.

While acquiring new knowledge, it is true that well begun is half done. However, while learning a new language, it may become very boring to study the basics first, such as alphabets, pronunciations and initial grammar. After these important basics of a language are carefully learnt, the most unpleasant part of the task is finished. Thus, a good foundation is laid in the beginning to learn a new language.

From a primary student writing a short story to a well-known writer writing a book of hundreds of pages feels that they have worked very hard in putting efforts towards the completion of their respective works. This can be felt if one manages to make a good start. A poor or bad beginning blocks the progress of what we write. This is because it has to be written all over again or edited by bringing many changes, causing more time and trouble.

While constructing a building, the importance of beginning well is usually recognized. A good engineer applies his greatest attention to secure the stability of the foundation. This proverb also has its importance in moral application. If we are strong-minded and determined to overcome a certain bad habits like overeating or having regular junk food, initially it will require great efforts to conquer our temptation. After our first victory over the temptation, the dominance of the bad habit is destroyed and resistance to future temptations of the same kind will be relatively easy.

Essay On Well Begun Is Half Done


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