Essay On The Newspaper Boy

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Set 1: Essay On The Newspaper Boy

The newspaper boy has a hard life. Selling newspapers helps him to earn a little extra money. He usually does some other job during the day. Sometimes schoolboys sell newspapers in the morning. They do this to get money for their books and school fees.

The newspaper boy cannot enjoy a long sleep. He wakes up very early. He rushes to the newspaper office or the newsagent’s shop. He picks up his bundle of papers at five in the morning. He sorts them out and arranges them. He runs along on his daily round. He drops a newspaper at the house of each of his customers.

He sells the remaining papers at a street corner. He shouts out striking or shocking headlines. He makes people curious. They come and buy a paper. He does some other job during the day or perhaps he goes to school. Again he is busy for an hour or two in the evening. He goes about selling the evening papers.

He is bright and cheerful in spite of his hard life. He knows to face life bravely.

Essay On The Newspaper Boy

Set 2: Essay On The Newspaper Boy

The newspaper boy is one of the most useful workers of society. He is a familiar figure to us. Every day, early in the morning we see him going on his bicycle or walking energetically with his bundle of newspapers. While on bicycle, he ties the newspapers on the handles. This is a common site seen daily.

He has a simple look. He gets up very early in the morning, may be around five o’clock. He goes to the newspaper agent or the distributor to collect the papers. Sometimes he picks up newspapers of different languages. To deliver newspapers, he is given a particular localities, societies or lanes. It is very important to deliver papers to the customers on time. Thus, he is always in a hurry and does not waste a single minute. If he gets late, people get upset early in the morning. Many readers eagerly wait for the arrival of the newspaper boy. However, no one shows courtesy to thank him when he comes on time.

If we happen to be at railway or bus station, we will find boys carrying a bundle of newspapers
under their one arm and raising another hand with another paper. They shout the headlines of the major latest news. They are all newspaper seller boys.

The newspaper boy visits the customers door to door on daily basis. His most important duty is to deliver papers on time and in good condition. When he completes his round, he returns to the distributor and clears his daily accounts. Then he becomes free until evening. In the meantime, he goes to school or college or may do some part time work to earn more money.

Such newspaper boys must be praised for their efforts. In the evening again he is out to sell the evening newspapers. However, this is limited to big cities where evening papers are published. It is hard to work as the newspaper boy. He has to work even on Sundays. He has to run here and there, sometimes shouting out loudly. Distributing newspapers is his financial need that forces him to take up this work. His worries are many and his earnings are too small to assure his family two full meals a day. Still he is always cheerful and energetic. He does his duty honestly and regularly. That is why we get our newspaper at home every day of the week.

Although he is poor, he is honest, faithful and hardworking person. We should realize this and help him in every way possible. He deserves our help, kindness and pity. We should always be thankful to him for bringing the latest local and international news on daily bases.


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