Essay on Discipline

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Essay on Discipline: Discipline is the essential thing in everyone’s life. No one can lead a happy life without discipline. It is a way of living life with specific rules and regulations. Discipline is everything we do in the right way at the right time, and it takes us on the right path. We follow discipline in our everyday life by following various rules and regulations.

Essay Discipline
Essay on Discipline

Set 1: Essay On Discipline

Whether it is the society or the home or the school, discipline is the watchword every where. Men who live in the society need to follow some rules and regulations which help in running life smoothly – this is what is called discipline. For the running of any organisation or institution it is necessary to frame some rules and the primary and essential need to run it well is to follow those rules. Those who are members of such an organisation or institution also feel a sense of pride that they belong to a disciplined body.

The army, or the police have to be the most disciplined force. When on January 26 at the Republic Day parade in our country how elegant it looks when the army contingent or the police force marches with symmetrical steps. It is only the training in discipline that makes them to move in this manner. For the men of the armed forces the watchword is ‘It’s not to question why it’s but to do or die’. This is the sense of discipline with which our country’s borders and our nations honour are being protected by our army.

On the play field all the players have to follow the rules of the game and they cannot question the authority of the umpire and have to quietly submit to his decision. In the classroom the teacher’s orders have to be obeyed only then can the teaching be conducted properly. You cannot indulge in mutual jokes or make noise while the teacher is teaching. Total attention to what the teacher is teaching calls for discipline. The teacher has also to maintain a certain decorum while teaching. He cannot tell stories instead of teaching the lesson.

But to follow discipline one has to limit and curtail his own liberty. You have the liberty to dress in whatever manner you please but if there is a particular dress prescribed by the school authorities, you have to put on that dress during school hours.

While moving on the road the rule of the road is that you move on your left. If this rule is not followed, there would be all confusion and accidents.

In life also there has to be some discipline. Break the rules of nature in food and drink the result would be ill-health. The family functions on discipline. The child must listen to what the mother and the father say. The. brother must have the regard for the brother and the sister. Mutual respect and regard is the discipline of a home.

Therefore, whether it is the social life, whether it is a club or a school or a home β€” rules have to be followed – and that is discipline. without that there would be all chaos and confusion.

Set 2:Essay On Discipline Around us

Be she a teacher, a preacher or a leader, invariably in speech one exhorts the audience to developing discipline in every walk of life. But how many of us really observe discipline. Step out of your door and you are faced with indiscipline.

At the bus stop, there is seldom a queue and if there is one, those who are in it are the worst casualties because the protagonists of indiscipline push them aside and get into the bus under one pretext or the other.

Go to a cinema house and try to buy a ticket from the booking window, you will only be disappointed. Pay some premium and despite a ‘House-Full’ board hanging at the entrance, you have a ticket from the black market.

The list of those who violate discipline runs into several pages and it will be an exercise in futility to recount and name them all.

Let us only understand the importance of discipline from the following thought-provoking question and, if convinced of the utility and usefulness of discipline, let us take a vow today to observe discipline of every sort.

What would happen if the pilots flying the plane break the rules of discipline, and the army personnel refuse to obey their superiors, and the transporters drive and stop their vehicles at their own whims and fancies, and what would happen if mothers stop feeding their young ones, and the producers stop their production, and suppliers their supplies, and the distributors stop all distribution of articles of our everyday use?

Set 3:Essay On The Need for Discipline

Indiscipline is the most pressing problem of our country. Corruption comes in when there is no discipline. Aristotle once said, “Discipline is the obedience to rules formed by the society for the good of all.” It is, therefore, the habit of acting according to rules. It is a prompt obedience to the orders of the authority. Wherever we go, we have to follow certain rules.

Man lives in society: He can make progress only in the society. So the well-being of society must be the good of an individual. Sometimes an individual has to sacrifice his personal interest for the good of the society. This is done by discipline.

Discipline is necessary in every field of life. Without it, there will be chaos in life. If the members of a family do not obey the head of the family, they will never be happy. They will not decide anything as every one of them will like to force his choice.

Discipline is necessary in the playground. Players must obey the captain, if they want to win. If every player plays according to his own whim, the team will easily lose the game. They can put up a good fight if they remain united and act as a single unit. This is only possible when there is discipline.

Discipline is very necessary in schools and colleges. If the students do not obey the rules of the school framed by the headmaster, in consultation with the teachers, for the common good, results cannot improve. In the long run, the students will suffer. In my opinion, such education is useless which does not inculcate discipline.

Discipline is very essential in an army. Military discipline is known to everybody. A soldier has to obey his commander. He cannot argue and reason. It is his duty to obey and die, if necessary.

In the administrative sphere, the value of discipline is no less important. It is the duty of the peon to obey the clerk who has to obey his immediate officer. In this way, the whole system works and runs, everybody has to follow certain rules.

Today we find the condition of our country pitiable. The officers do not care for government property. The clerks have no time to work honestly and sincerely. Markets are full of adulterated goods. Villages have been deserted and cities are overcrowded. All these are the result of indiscipline. Unless it is checked, unless the people are disciplined, all talks of a better world are meaningless.

Set 4:Essay on Discipline 400 Words

Discipline in life plays an important part in our every great achievement. It is a practice of training people to obey rules and instructions. Discipline is the backbone of our character. The word ‘discipline’ means a training that produces obedient behavior to the orders of a person in power.

Punishment can be given if discipline is not maintained. A fine etiquette of manners that comes from practice is regarded as a discipline. A disciplined person sets a goal in life and is always keen to achieve that goal at the expense of hard work, loyalty, and dedication.

In life, discipline is of extreme importance. When many people are involved in some work, they must follow certain rules. They have to obey the persons who are placed above them. This shows discipline. The work is likely to suffer if rules are not obeyed. An army lacking discipline is expected to lose the battle. Without discipline, nothing great can be achieved in life. A person is usually disciplined from his childhood. One gets a habit of disciplinary life from his family, school, and surroundings.

It can also be achieved through training. A child is trained to observe discipline from his early years. His habits, conduct, behavior, actions, speech, etc. are guided by elders and teachers. This helps in gaining a good personality in later life.

A person must first show a sense of discipline to family and then to his country. It is very important to apply discipline in family life. Discipline is an essential habit that everyone should have as a learned citizen. Discipline should not only be observed in schools, or at the workplace but also at home and outdoors. As a child, we get several chances of being disciplined in our day-to-day life.

Children can show discipline by doing their regular classwork, studying with more attention, doing regular exercises, respecting elders and old, waking up on time, etc. If we carefully look at the period when we have failed to achieve something, we will find a lack of discipline as the main cause of our failure.

Discipline makes our life easier. It helps us to become more successful. It makes learning efficient, effective, and long-lasting. However, the best discipline is that which is developed within the person and not forced upon him.

Essay on Discipline
Essay on Discipline

Set 5: Essay on Discipline 300 Words

Discipline means following a set pattern of rules. Setting certain principles and following them is discipline. Parents are the first teachers from whom a child learns his or her first lesson of discipline. After that, the child learns lessons of discipline in school. The child who follows discipline right from the beginning can solve every problem that arises in the future. Disciplined children are well-mannered and well-behaved. They give due respect to their parents, teachers, and elders. However, children should not be punished unnecessarily under the name of discipline.

School is the best place to teach discipline. If the children become aware of discipline, they will not quarrel in the classroom, will respect the teachers, and will not create a nuisance in the classroom. They will be more focused concentrated. In western countries, children are made aware of discipline right from their childhood. Discipline is part of their life. In our country, however, people are not so disciplined. People are not punctual. There is an increase in the corruption levels. Students want more and more enjoyable rather than studying and securing their future. Most of them have no respect for teachers and elders. Discipline is very essential for the survival of democracy.

For the all-around development one has to be disciplined. Only human beings are expected to lead a disciplined life. Even nature carries out its activities with discipline. If a river changes its course it can create havoc. The rising and setting of the sun and the moon occurs at a specified time. Seasons change at a specified time only. Trees blossom to yield fruits in time. If nature is so disciplined, why can’t we be? Following rules may sound a little difficult but it ultimately leads to a joyful life. It helps us to attain our goals. Achievements make man happy and wealthy. The dream of becoming a superpower will come true only if we inculcate the habit of being disciplined.

Essay on Discipline


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