Essay on Discipline

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Essay on Discipline: Discipline is the essential thing in everyone’s life. No one can lead a happy life without discipline. It is a way of living life with specific rules and regulations. Discipline is everything we do in the right way at the right time, and it takes us on the right path. We follow discipline in our everyday life by following various rules and regulations.

Essay Discipline
Essay on Discipline

Essay on Discipline 400 Words

Discipline in life plays an important part in our every great achievement. It is a practice of training people to obey rules and instructions. Discipline is the backbone of our character. The word ‘discipline’ means a training that produces obedient behavior to the orders of a person in power.

Punishment can be given if discipline is not maintained. A fine etiquette of manners that comes from practice is regarded as a discipline. A disciplined person sets a goal in life and is always keen to achieve that goal at the expense of hard work, loyalty, and dedication.

In life, discipline is of extreme importance. When many people are involved in some work, they must follow certain rules. They have to obey the persons who are placed above them. This shows discipline. The work is likely to suffer if rules are not obeyed. An army lacking discipline is expected to lose the battle. Without discipline, nothing great can be achieved in life. A person is usually disciplined from his childhood. One gets a habit of disciplinary life from his family, school, and surroundings.

It can also be achieved through training. A child is trained to observe discipline from his early years. His habits, conduct, behavior, actions, speech, etc. are guided by elders and teachers. This helps in gaining a good personality in later life.

A person must first show a sense of discipline to family and then to his country. It is very important to apply discipline in family life. Discipline is an essential habit that everyone should have as a learned citizen. Discipline should not only be observed in schools, or at the workplace but also at home and outdoors. As a child, we get several chances of being disciplined in our day-to-day life.

Children can show discipline by doing their regular classwork, studying with more attention, doing regular exercises, respecting elders and old, waking up on time, etc. If we carefully look at the period when we have failed to achieve something, we will find a lack of discipline as the main cause of our failure.

Discipline makes our life easier. It helps us to become more successful. It makes learning efficient, effective, and long-lasting. However, the best discipline is that which is developed within the person and not forced upon him.

Essay on Discipline
Essay on Discipline

Essay on Discipline 300 Words

Discipline means following a set pattern of rules. Setting certain principles and following them is discipline. Parents are the first teachers from whom a child learns his or her first lesson of discipline. After that, the child learns lessons of discipline in school. The child who follows discipline right from the beginning can solve every problem that arises in the future. Disciplined children are well-mannered and well-behaved. They give due respect to their parents, teachers, and elders. However, children should not be punished unnecessarily under the name of discipline.

School is the best place to teach discipline. If the children become aware of discipline, they will not quarrel in the classroom, will respect the teachers, and will not create a nuisance in the classroom. They will be more focused concentrated. In western countries, children are made aware of discipline right from their childhood. Discipline is part of their life. In our country, however, people are not so disciplined. People are not punctual. There is an increase in the corruption levels. Students want more and more enjoyable rather than studying and securing their future. Most of them have no respect for teachers and elders. Discipline is very essential for the survival of democracy.

For the all-around development one has to be disciplined. Only human beings are expected to lead a disciplined life. Even nature carries out its activities with discipline. If a river changes its course it can create havoc. The rising and setting of the sun and the moon occurs at a specified time. Seasons change at a specified time only. Trees blossom to yield fruits in time. If nature is so disciplined, why can’t we be? Following rules may sound a little difficult but it ultimately leads to a joyful life. It helps us to attain our goals. Achievements make man happy and wealthy. The dream of becoming a superpower will come true only if we inculcate the habit of being disciplined.

Essay on Discipline


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