Essay On Life in A Big City

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Set 1: Essay On Life in A Big City

I went to Singapore to spend my summer holidays with my uncle. He stays in Queen Street, a very busy and crowded area of Singapore. I was surprised to see the activities of the people throughout the day.

As I live in a village near Meerut, I had no idea that life would be like this in a crowded city. In my village I was an early riser. Here, instead of the chirping of birds, I heard the cries of hawkers and noise of vehicles. Singapore sleeps at one o’clock after midnight and the new day starts at four o’clock in the morning. There is so much noise everywhere and the people have grown insensitive and are not affected by this.

I went to the neighbour’s house to play with his children. I was informed by the parents that their children never get time to play. They go to school early in the morning and come back tired in the evening. Preparation for next day’s school work takes more time and very rarely do they go out in the open air to play.

In our village, things are quite different. Natural surroundings, pure water, fresh air and a relaxed lifestyle gives us energy and makes life more enjoyable. There is absolute peace without the noise of motor horns and hawkers. People are simple, love each other and enjoy life like one big family. Of course, there are no modern amenities like fast transport, modern hospitals, big schools etc.

I was thinking of visiting a suburb of Singapore. My uncle took me to the station to board an electric train. The trains were moving very fast and hordes of people were travelling.

The scene was frightening and I had no courage to get inside the train at all. I felt safe and confident when I came back to my village.

Set 2: Essay On City Life

The city has many comforts and attractions. City houses are very comfortable. They have electric lights and tap water. They have geysers and tube lights, fans and lifts, and flooring made of mosaic tiles. Some buildings have their own lawns, gardens, swimming pool and health club.

There are many attractive theatre halls in a city. Most of them are air-conditioned. There are latest City Malls with latest technology cinema halls and shopping centers. Even if it is very hot outside, you can always enjoy a cinema in cool comfort. There are big restaurants and hotels too where one can enjoy all kinds of eastern and western dishes.

City life is enjoyable only to those who have a lot of money. Life is very hard for the poor man who comes to the city in search of a job. He has to live in crowded conditions. He climbs many flights of stairs. He has hardly any living space. He spends much of his time travelling to and from his place of work.

He has no rest or peace of mind. He can look forward to an outing with his family only on Sundays and public holidays. To workers in mills and factories life becomes a dull and mechanical affair. He does his job without any interest just because he has to earn a living. They have no fresh air and cannot enjoy a sight of the beauty of nature. The people of city suffer from air, sound and water pollutions.

There are evil Influences in a city. People might fall into bad company. Which attract them to drink, gamble, pickpocket or even indulge in murder or robbery. So city life has its bad points as well as its good ones.

Essay On City Life


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