Essay On Hostel Life

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Set 1: Essay On Hostel Life

Education is to prepare students in such a way that when they step out of their limited society into the real world they should be able to face life’s challenges and shoulder responsibilities. Hostels are a small world which teach us how to cooperate and develop the qualities of sportsmanship. In hostels, students become independent and self sufficient. There the students can not expect anything to be done for them. They have to do everything on their own. They become more disciplined as there is no one to pamper them. But many a times students miss their homes and the comforts of home. Strict disciplines of the hostels too become curbic and one feels like coming back to home. Hostels are a mixture of pain and pleasure but it should be a must for all the students to let him become more realistic.

Set 2: Essay On Life in a Hostel

Living in a hostel is a lesson in itself. While living at home the young does not turn into a self-dependent being for this thing and for that for little things even of personal nature, the young look up to the mother or the elder sister. They would keep the clothes in the wardrobe they would prepare the dress for the school and put it in order every morning, they would even arrange the school bag whether it contains all that is required the books and notebooks for the day, the pen with ink or lead and the pencil sharpened. The tiffin box should be got ready and then even the study table should be set right and of course, the bed to be put in order. The soap, the shampoo, the powder – toothpaste, the brush – the towel- all to be there in the bathroom. Someone should always be looking after all these items. So much dependence, so much no-care attitude, so much demanding, so much supplying this is normally to be found in every home. The young grows a little too indulgent.

Sent to the hostel, that one who had remained so much dependent for everything on his or her mother or elder sister or servants, finds himself, initially at a loss. How to adjust, how to manage, how to lookafter every thing by himself. The house-master would come for surprise inspection and he should find everything spic and span, everything in order no clothes lying on the bed all properly folded and kept in the wardrobe; the study table properly set – books and notebooks all kept arranged and the pen and pencil kept in the pencil box. The bed should have been well-set – no servant or maid to do it.

So this is a training in self-help which is the first and foremost lesson that one learns from the hostel life.

The other very important training is in discipline. Fixed hours and timings for everything time to leave the bed in the morning not that turning over sides while the mother cajoling to make you leave the bed or else would get late for school none to do that. A quick bath and dressing up, setting the school bag, nothing to be missed.

The bell rings calling each one to the dining hall for breakfast. The same menu for all no cringing, no crying that you like this and do not like that, or you want this or you want that. The menu, of course, would keep changing every morning new things added or served but the same for all. – –

It is a lesson learnt in developing a taste for all kinds of food a disciplining of the palate, which does not happen in the home. There the mother keeps caring what he or she likes more and what not.

The school hours, the lunch recess, the evening games, the dinner and completing the class work – all has to go on in a regulated daily manner. The mind has to get set to the pattern and any delay or divergence would go wrong.

Regulated way of life is another lesson that hostel life teaches.
The most important lesson that hostel life gives is the training in corporate living – living together. It is a lesson in Social living; in Sociability; in learning the spirit of adjustment and accommodation. This is a great lesson which goes a long way in later life on the Social front.

Hostel life, thus has many things to learn, but there are, sometimes, many things that this life gives an occasion to, which can spoil one’s life.

At home, there is the mother, the father, sisters and brothers who give you company as also keep a watch on you. In the hostel if you catch company of bad boys and if there is some laxity in Superintendence you can fall into evil ways, take to drugs or indulge in late night cinerna shows and there is no one so concerned about you as a mother, a sister or a brother can be. The result can be a complete disaster in life.

Discipline is best that comes from within.Hostel life, thus, has many good things and make one’s life disciplined, organised and self-reliant but if the track goes wrong it would mean a derailment and a permanent damage.


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