Essay On My Ambition in Life

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Essay On My Ambition in Life

Every man has some ambition in life. Without it, he is like a ship without a rudder. It is an ambition that puts him into action. If a man has no ambition, he may not work hard, and pass his life in leisure, living like beasts and birds. On the other hand, if he has an ambition, he will try to work hard and will ever be up and doing.

All great people had some ambitions. It was the ambition of Mahatma Gandhi to see his country free. Pandit Nehru wanted to see India prosperous. Sardar Patel had one ardent desire which was his aim of life. It was in his heart to unite the whole country and make it strong. Lal Bahadur Shastri had the ambition of keeping up the honour and solidarity of the nation. All of them did their best for the good of the country. Had they no ambition, the history of the country would have been very different.

Like other people, I also have an ambition in my life. I wish to be a doctor and serve the poor people of my city. I have much respect for doctors. I take the profession of a doctor to be very noble. A doctor gives relief to the suffering people. There are many diseases which make our lives miserable. A doctor gives relief to the suffering people. Whenever any fatal disease attacks a man, the services of a doctor are indispensable. Sometimes, a single dose of medicine ends the restlessness and pain of the patient and makes him smile once again. A doctor tries to cure these bodily ailments. So his profession is noble.

I want to be an ideal doctor. I would not run after money. I will given free medicine to the poor and needy. I shall set up a clinic of my own where I shall treat patients. My behaviour will be decent towards them. I wish to carry on research on diseases for which no medicine has yet been found.

The fruit of my research will enrich the medical world.

Essay On My Ambition in Life


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