Essay On My Hobby Gardening

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Essay On My Hobby Gardening
Essay On My Hobby Gardening

Set 1: Essay On My Hobby Gardening

Hobbies are the best means of entertainment, knowledge and spending our leisure time. Hobbies bring happiness to our idle routine life. They keep us away from bad habits. Hobbies depend upon the likings of an individual. There are many types of hobbies- reading, stamp collection, coin collection, sports, singing, dancing, etc.

My hobby is gardening. I love nature very much. My parents are also very fond of gardening. I acquired this hobby from them. We have a spacious garden in the backyard. We have a couple of trees like mangoes, lemon, chikoo, and guava.

We also have a variety of flowering plants like Rose, Mogara, Chameli, Hibiscus, Lily, etc. I spend one hour in the evening in the garden. I regularly water the plants and manure them. I remove the weeds and do all the essential work there. I feel very comfortable when I am in my garden. All the plants and trees are my friends. I talk to them. They make me happy whenever I am in a bad mood. Working in the garden keeps me physically fit.

Many birds regularly visit our garden. They build their nests at suitable places. I enjoy watching them. I have got a good knowledge of birds. I can identify them and know their food habits. We get a good amount of fruits and vegetables from our garden. I spend a big part of my pocket money on my hobby. I keep on buying seeds, new plants, garden equipment, manure, etc. Some of my friends also have the same hobby. We discuss this with each other. We visit the flower and plant exhibitions held in the city.

Thus this hobby keeps me tension-free and fresh. I feel much nearer to God and Mother Nature when I am in the garden.

Set 2: Essay On My Hobby Gardening

A hobby is one’s best past time. It is something which while giving satisfaction is enjoyable too. But given a choice, gardening is a very pleasant and rewarding as a hobby. A little piece of land in front or at the back or around the house is enough to launch this hobby. After the day’s hard work, or even before the day begins early in the morning and then for the whole day on a holiday one can enjoy to indulge and involve himself in this hobby.

Right from digging the earth, beating down the moulds into fine-soil, then turning them into small beds, mixing the manure in the soil, one is ready to plant the seeds or the saplings or the seedlings and then softly watering them. In the process one has to select what grows where to give a real glorious glow to the piece of land which may be a pleasure to the eye as also productive for the hobbyists.

If the piece of land is big enough, one arranges and selects proper places for the fruit plants, the papaya, the lemon, the guava, the big banana or even the pomegranate and lichi, but in case it is just a small piece of land one limits oneself to the flowers and a few creepers.

Each day is a day of care and caution, with an eager and an expectant eye one watches the sprouting from the seeds, or the saplings or seedlings, taking roots, and standing up on their own. Gradually the flower seeds have shown up the sproutings and the seedlings showing up new leaves and the growth is watched with such a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment when finally the flowers bloom into their dazzling multi-coloured hues and there is, as if a riot of colours all around. ‘Dancing with the daffodils’ – this is what the great nature-poet Wordsworth has said and rightly so. The hobbyist’s heart also gets elated to watch the perfect result of his labours. And then after months of looking after the grape wine or the papaya or the guava or the banana in a bunch, show up their face first; it is a gratification indeed. The labour has been rewarded.

Thus goes on the game of gardening. Gardening, as a hobby has so many advantages. One can spend one’s leisure time in physical work, which exercises the body; the results elate the mind and the fruits fresh and free are a pleasure to be tasted. Spending spare time in useless gossip or straining the eyesight viewing the T.V. – all this is hardly a useful utilization of one’s leisure. You dig, you till, you soil with your hands, you even sweat in the process and the least of it all, you are constantly in the company of nature which company is never boring never tiring rather, it is ever rewarding in every way. You reap the fruits of your labour-what else can be so satisfying than that. You are face to face with the spirituality of the matter how from such a small seed gets produced such beauty, such lustre and such a result. God’s nature is wonderful

that’s what you have at last to feel and say. This is thus the most rewarding hobby, if one develops it and enjoys it too. The hobby of gardening can give us an insight in understanding the purport of what Wordsworth has said in these lines about nature. One impulse from the vernal wood May teach you more of man Of moral evil and of good Than all the Sages can.

Nature is the book from which one can learn all that the creation is about, the mysteries of life, the beauties of life and the bounties bestowed upon us by the creator.

Essay On My Hobby Gardening

Set 3: Essay On My Hobby – Gardening

Hobby is a work which we do in our spare time. Hobby is a favourite pursuit or interest apart from one’s occupation. It is different from regular work. Hobby keeps us usefully busy and provides a welcome change in the dull routine of life.

There is a wide range of hobbies. Some people sit in company and pass their leisure time in playing cards or chess. Some read books in a quiet corner of their house. Some take up gardening, stamp and coin collecting, photography, fishing, hunting, painting, clay modelling and so on. Whatever hobbies a man may choose, the main object should be to derive aesthetic pleasure, mental a relaxation, physical freshness and recreation from them.

My hobby is photography. It is a very useful hobby as it trains the mind as well as the eye. Photography develops taste for beauty and also makes us careful, smart and neat. I feel that there is no other hobby so interesting and useful as photography.

My uncle presented me a camera on my birthday and since then my interest in photography kept on increasing. I have a great collection of photographs in my album. I go to nearby hills, gardens and zoo and take photographs. Whenever I feel tired and bored, I look at the photos and get refreshed and get a great joy.


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