Essay On My Favourite summer resort

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Essay On My Favourite summer resort

Summer vacations are the happiest time of a student’s life, although they last for only five weeks. It is at this time that a student may relax and rest to regain health after the fatigue of examinations. But most important of all is that a student gets a chance to visit new places.

My family and I have been to Goa on a few occasions. I like Goa more than any other place I have visited because of its scenic beauty, it’s hospitality and it’s fun-loving people.

For the days we spend in Goa, our routine is simple. We get up early, have a hot drink with a couple of biscuits and then straightaway head for the beach.

We spend an hour or two paddling, swimming or watching the fishermen hauling in their catch of fish. We stroll some distance along the beach and wonder at the variety of fish. On returning to the hotel we get the sand off our bodies and then tuck into a hearty breakfast.

The rest of the morning is spent sight seeing, visiting the Churches in Old Goa, which today are World Heritage Monuments. By late afternoon we head back to the beach “shacks” and enjoy a tasty Goan lunch, usually consisting of sea food. The evenings are spent in the market areas buying local items, to take home as souvenirs.

On occasions when the weather permits, we take a ride in a launch to catch sight of dolphins or cruise in the beautiful blue waters.

Essay On My Favourite summer resort


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