Essay On International Women’s Day

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Essay On International Women’s Day

Every year International Women’s Day is observed on 8th March. It is celebrated by women in different parts of the world. It is also known as ‘International Working Women’s Day’. This day is specially observed in order to show appreciation, respect, care and love towards all women around the world. 8th March is recognized by United Nations Organization as the day to respect and greet women all across India. In countries like China, Russia, Nepal, Cuba, Vietnam and Afghanistan, this day is observed as a national holiday.

The first Women’s Day was celebrated on 19th March 1911 in Germany. Due to the destruction caused by First World War, European women held peace rallies on March 8, 1913. Since then, 8th March is observed as International Women’s Day. In 1970, this day was first celebrated in the East. In 2014, the United Nation’s theme for this day was Equality for women is progress for all’.

During the course of years, International Women’s Day became a reason to recognize the importance of women in everyday life. Compared to the lower status of women centuries ago, there is a tremendous improvement in their educational, social and financial status. It is believed that during the Vedic period, Indian women enjoyed equal position in society. With the advent of foreign cultures like Portuguese and Moghuls in India, our ancestors adopted their behaviour. They started viewing women the way the foreigners did.

The prejudice towards women that prolonged for centuries is now being slowly reduced. The Government constantly introduces policies to encourage women’s participation in various fields. Today most of the women enjoy life and are free of torture and harassment. However, this progress is due to the efforts of people who struggled for their freedom and rights.

Despite of their progress and development, women have to face rising crime rates, harassment and violence in houses. Many times they feel insecure at work place. Some people view women with an evil eye. These problems need to be addressed by society. In some regions, this day has lost its political flavour. It has simply become an occasion for men to express their affection for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. However, in other regions, the political and human rights theme chosen by the United Nations runs strong political and social awareness towards the struggles of women worldwide. On this day, some people celebrate by wearing purple ribbons.

After knowing women’s plight, what are we going to do on this day for our teacher, mother, grandmother, sister or a friend? We should work in making this day special and memorable for every woman we know. However, we do not need just one day to make them feel special or do something special for them. After all, they are with us always and not just on one special day.

Essay On International Women's Day


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