Essay On My Favourite Subject

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Set 1: Essay On My Favourite Subject

I am a science student but unlike my other classmates, have opted for Elective English. My friends and relatives tried to dissuade me, saying I will waste a lot of my precious time on English, which is not a very scoring subject. But English is my favourite subject. I did not wish to study Core English as it is not literary.

Reading in itself is a great pleasure. English has a fabulous wealth of literature, unsurpassed by any other language. Studying it enables me to enjoy the language, the description and the complexities of the nuances.

Studying Shaw and Hardy gives us an invaluable insight into human nature. We realise what actions bring what reactions. How a man would react to a given set of circumstances or actions. We learn to look for and understand deeper meanings.

My love for my subject has inculcated in me the habit of reading. As a philosopher has rightly pointed out, “Reading ennobles man, makes one more tolerant to the follies of others and bridges the gap between countries and cultures.” I hope that it will do so for me too,

Essay On My Favourite Subject

Set 2: Essay On My Favourite Subject

My favourite subject is Mathematics. It is my favourite because I never have difficulty with it and always get good marks in tests.

I suppose I am lucky to be born with a clear-thinking brain. So ever since young, manipulating numbers and figures came easy to me.

The wonderful thing about Mathematics is that, besides some formulae, there is nothing else to remember. Every step in solving a problem is done logically. Other subjects like History and Geography require a lot of memory work. Remembering dates and other facts is hard work compared with the ease and simplicity of mathematical reasoning.

While Mathematics is simple to me, some of my friends have great difficulty with it. I do not really understand why. They get stuck with simple problems and often give up. So I help them out when I can.

The one advantage I have in being good in Mathematics is that I do not have to spend a lot of time on it. Homework and tests are a breeze. So I have plenty of time left over to study other subjects. Sometimes I feel sorry for my less fortunate classmates who get scolded in class for not completing their Mathematics homework.

Anyhow I have come to realize that human beings can be so different in their abilities while they look similar otherwise. Some of us are lucky to be good in some things. Others may not be so lucky.


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