Essay On My Great Motherland

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Essay On My Great Motherland

I love my motherland. It is a very fine country. It is one of the best countries in the world. I am proud of being born here. My country can be roughly divided into three parts (a) Northern hilly region, (b) The fertile plains and (c) The Deccan.

Northern Hilly Regions : In this region, we find the Himalayas and its various branches. These mountains are very useful for us. They are known as the guardian of our country. The Ganga, Jamuna, Brahmputra and other rivers come out of it and irrigate the soil. These rivers are the sources of prosperity. The region is quite cold.

The Fertile Plains: In this area, the Ganga and Yamuna flow with their various tributaries. These rivers get water from the hilly region. So they are never dry. The climate of this region is neither very hot, nor very cold. It is known as the best part of the country. The Ganga-Jamuna plain is famous throughout the world. It is a most fertile tract of land in the whole world.

The Deccan: The Deccan is separated from the main land on account of Vindhachal and Satpura ranges. These mountains separate the North from the South. This is the reason why the Northern culture is somewhat different from that of the South. In this region, we find many rivers such as Narmada, Tapti, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri and others. Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore are some of the important cities of the Deccan.

In the olden times, my country was very famous throughout the world. Travellers like Fahien, Huen Tsang. Ibn Batuta, Vasco Da Gama and Sir Thomas Roe came here. All of them praised the country. They were surprised at the conduct and good moral sense of the Indians.

Though we are free today, yet the condition of my country is not satisfactory. The government is doing her best to improve its condition. She is determined to remove poverty. But it is not an easy work. Let us hope that a time will come soon when it will again be famous and prosperous.

Essay On My Great Motherland


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