Essay On Modern Girl

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Essay On Modern Girl

There was a time, not so long ago, when girls weren’t accorded an equal status in society. They did not get the same opportunities as boys. This was true of all fields, whether it was education or professional life. Their lives were generally confined within the four walls of the house.

Girls were married off at a very young age. They had to stay at home and concern themselves with household chores. They rarely went out anywhere, especially not alone. Working women were a rarity. However, things are changing gradually in the big cities, at least. Girls are finally beginning to get their due.

In fact, they have been regularly outshining boys as far as senior school results are concerned. Today, one can hardly find an area where they haven’t left a telling mark. This is true of government and politics, business, communication and entertainment, finance and literature, etc.

They have the same freedom as boys. Many of them have done India proud on the international scene.

Of course, things have not improved as much as they should have. But it is obvious that what the girls have lacked is not talent or ability but opportunity. The modern Indian girl has proved to be equal to men in every respect and, sometimes, even better.

Essay On Modern Girl


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