Essay on The Lion

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The Lion Essay

Set 1: Essay on The Lion

The lion is called The king of the forest. It is also called β€œThe king of the beasts, for its eye-catching look and character. He is the largest living cat after the tiger. Some of the male lions are more than 250 kilograms in weight. The lion is not as cruel as the tiger. In some ways, he looks like a tiger, but he is shorter in length.

The lion has a strong body. He eats flesh. His paws are very strong. His footprints are known as β€˜pugmarks’. He has sharp eyes. The lion hunts during the night and sleeps during the day. He comes out from the den or a cave during the night to find food. The roar of the lion is very famous. He roars very loudly. All the animals in the forest are afraid of his roar. They run away in fear. His roar in a lonely forest at night is a terrible sound to hear.

The lion is a wild animal with a royal appearance. The male lion has a graceful mane, but the lioness has no mane. The lion kills the animal when it feels hungry and never kills an animal unless it is hungry. The lion can run very fast and it is not a greedy animal. No one can dare to go near him. It is fond of sleeping. The lion will not attack until it is not attacked.

His head is large and his eyes have a shining look. He has sharp teeth and strong claws. His body is covered with greyish small and smooth hair. He does not eat the flesh of those animals that are already dead. He does not kill smaller and weaker animals. The lioness hunts to feed her family including her cubs and the lion.

The lions are found in the jungle of Africa and in some parts of India. We can see lions in zoos, national parks, and national sanctuaries. Indian lions are famous all over the world. The lion is the national animal of India. White lions are found in India but now their population has dropped down. Gir forest of Gujarat and Sunderban delta of Bengal is famous for lions.

Due to several qualities like fearless nature, Lala Lajpat Rai one of the great freedom lovers was called β€˜The Lion of Punjab’. Even we must be strong and fearless like a lion.

Essay on The Lion
Essay on The Lion

Set 2: Essay on The Lion

A Lion belongs to the cat family. It is brownish yellow in color. A lion is a strong and powerful animal. It is usually found in the forests. A lion walks gracefully and majestically. It is really a royal animal. It is rightly known as the King of the jungle.

Lions prefer to stay in groups. It has a life span of twenty-five years. Male lions are bigger in size than female lions. They also have long manes. It roars loudly. The young ones of lions are called cubs. Lions usually prefer to stay within their territory. Lions are mainly found in India and Central Africa.

A lion is a carnivorous animal. Their prey includes deer, foxes, zebras, etc. If enough food is not available in the forests they attack domestic animals like cows, buffalo, and goats. Sometimes they also attack human beings and kill them. Such lions are called man-eaters. Lions prefer to stay in the vicinity of water. They can swim well.

But the population of lions is continuously reducing. They are killed on a large scale for the sake of their skin and teeth. Various kinds of decorative items are made from their skin. So the government has taken strict actions to stop their hunting. The Gir forest in Gujrat has been announced as a wildlife sanctuary.


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