Essay On An Hour In a Public Garden

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Essay On An Hour In a Public Garden

Last Sunday I went to a Public Garden. I had worked hard the whole day. So in the evening I was tired, I went to spend an hour in the public garden to enjoy rest and peace of mind. There were many people there. Some were rich and flashily dressed. Others were simply dressed. Young and old enjoyed the coolness of the garden.

The garden had shady trees, beautiful flowers of various colours and many green plants. At one end of the garden was a band-stand, but no band played there. The garden also had a fine fountain which threw up its cool water into the air. People sat on the benches and watched the fountain. Children ran about and played happily. Some people had stretched themselves out on the green lawns. There were swings, slides and sea-saw for younger children.

There were many hawkers near the garden. They sold balloons, toys and all kinds of foodstuff, like bhel-purl, pani-puri etc. Children ate nuts or asked their parents to buy them foodstuff.

It is very nice to spend an hour in a public garden. It is calm and quiet. The breeze blows and cools you. You feel refreshed in body and mind. You spend your time very pleasantly.

Essay On An Hour In a Public Garden


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