Essay On Vocational Education of The Day-The Need

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Set 1: Essay On Vocational Education of The Day-The Need

Unemployment is a major problem that faces the youngmen of our country. The reason for this is that there are jobs but the youngmen qualified for those jobs are not available. Jobs are mainly with the private sector and the employers want candidates who suit and fit to their job requirements.

Moreover, it has to be somehow, made to be understood by youngmen and their guardians that jobs are not and should not be considered as the only means of livelihood. The young should be so qualified as to make their own start in life even with a modest beginning instead of remaining unemployed. This feeling can only
come in them when they have received a training in a vocation which makes them self-confident and self-reliant.

It is therefore necessary that our policy makers should start more and more vocational training institutes. Dignity of labour should be instilled in the minds of youngmen. Tailoring, carpentry, smithy, motor-mechanism, welding, electrician, T.V. mechanism, training in such trades can make a youngman self-reliant and self-dependent. With a little capital loaned out to him from Banks, he can set up his own workshop instead of knocking this door and that for petty jobs. A mechanic can earn anytime more than a clerk only that would need hard physical work.

In foreign countries, higher education has been made very costly while vocational training is available at every corner. That is the reason why after 10 or 10+2 the youngman prefers to go in for a technical training and thereafter sets up his own business. Nothing there is treated as below dignity. This feeling and sense of dignity of labour has also to be taught to the youngman of our country. There are technical hands available even for unlocking locks or moving the grass of the lawn or clearing the blinds of the doors and windows. Of course, there people have a better paying capacity which in our country is also there in a class of society but the willing workers are not there.

Polytechnics were opened but they did not do as much as they were required to do. What is necessary is a planned manner in which this problem should be tackled. There should be an organization which may collect job-requirements from private and public sector collate the data and then arrange for imparting technical training accordingly to qualify the Youngman for these jobs. Campus selection may be arranged as is done with engineering colleges of distinction.

In the whole process the greatest problem that would be faced is finding the duly qualified trained teaching staff for each vocation. But once the schemes gets going and catches up and the youngman gets attracted towards it and the parents cooperate the problem of unemployment would get greatly solved. The needy. establishments and organisations will get the qualified hands and the qualified hands would get a job.

It is the government which may seriously take up this plan or even invite the private sector to set up such technical institutes. The fee-structure shall have to be controlled and kept within accessible limits of the lower middleclass all these efforts if made in right earnest shall be a great solution of the country’s problems.

Essay On Vocational Education of The Day-The Need

Set 2: Essay On Volcanoes

Volcano is a natural occurrence that takes place from a mountain with a large opening at the top. Volcanic eruptions have always sat life-threatening situations and death traps for civilizations all over the world. The study of volcanoes is known as volcanology’.

A volcano is an opening in the surface of the earth. This opening allows hot magma, volcanic ash and gases to escape from below the surface. Magma is a very hot liquid rock found below the earth’s surface. When this happens, we say that the volcano has erupted.

When molten rock is below the surface of the earth, it is called ‘magma’. After it erupts from an opening, it is called lava’. Lava is red-hot when it fires out. The rising lava contains crystals, dissolved gases and solid pieces of rocks. Mostly this liquid is made up of oxygen, silicon, aluminium, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and manganese.

When an eruption takes place, it explodes into the air and the molten rock forces its way out. The lava starts flowing, destroying everything that comes in its path. Thick, dark clouds of smoke rise high from the opening and spread in the sky. Even finer dust particles, mud and ash are thrown high into the air. As the lava cools, it slowly becomes solid. Its colour changes into a black, dark grey or even red.

Volcanoes are popularly classified into three categories. They are active volcanoes, dormant volcanoes and extinct volcanoes. Those volcanoes that erupt frequently are called ‘active volcanoes’. Krakatoa is an active volcano in the island in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. It has erupted several times causing tremendous disasters. The worst of the eruption took place in 1883. Those volcanoes that have erupted in early times but are now quiet are called dormant volcanoes’.

They are also called as ‘sleeping volcanoes’. They stay silent for long time and abruptly erupt violently causing massive destruction to life and property. Vensuvius in Italy and Katmai in Alaska are the examples of dormant volcanoes. Information about the eruption of such volcanoes is found in history. Volcanoes that have not erupted for thousands of years are considered as ‘extinct volcanoes’.

As they do not show any indication of future eruption, they are also known as ‘dead volcanoes’. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in the continent of Africa is an example of extinct volcano. By looking at the formation of the rock, geographers can guess that they erupted long ago. However, there is no record of it in history.

Scientists usually expect a volcanic erupting if the signs of unrest such as earthquakes are seen. The life of a volcano can vary from months to several million years. Many volcanoes have erupted in past few thousand years but are currently not showing any signs of eruption.


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