Essay On Unity Is Strength

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Essay On Unity Is Strength

Everyone of us must have heard the well known proverb “Unity is strength”. No country which is torn by internal dissensions and divisions can stand against her enemies.

Division and lack of unity always ends in disaster. In the same way, differences among brothers ruins the family. Take the case of Ravana, the king of Lanka. He was fated to die when his brother left him and joined his enemy. Jealousy between Prithvi Raj and Jaichand gave an opportunity to Mohammad Ghori to conquer India. The quarrels among the Rajputs brought their downfall and humiliation. Rajputana was conquered by Muslim rulers in spite of the fact that Rajputs were matchless in bravery. If they had gathered under one banner, the history of India would have been different.

Everybody knowns perfectly well that one thread is easily broken and when threads are united into a rope, they cannot be broken easily. It is correct to say that we cannot face our enemy single handed as successfully as we can when we are united and are the members of a group or an association; for example-the workers association, the clerks association and the motor drivers’ association etc.

What is true in the case of kings and States is also true in the case of an ordinary man. Everybody knows well the famous story of an old man whose sons could not break a bundle of sticks but were successful in breaking the sticks when they were separated. This clearly proves that unity is strength or united we stand and divided we fall. No imperial country can continue to keep the subjects of a country under control, if the people of the country are united.

It is, therefore, necessary to remain united if we want to be free and self respecting citizens of the world. Division will lead us to our downfall. We become weaker when we are divided and strong when united.


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