Essay On A Football Match

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Set 1: Essay On A Football Match

Today games have become an important part of our lives. They promote health and a good healthy body has a sound mind.

Last Sunday my father took me to see a football match. It was played at National Stadium at India Gate. We reached the Stadium on our martin car. We parked the car in parking and bought two tickets and then entered the Stadium.

The match was between our football team and a visiting England team. The Stadium was full to capacity. Our captain won the toss. It proved be an exciting match.

The England team’s players started to kick the ball hard. Our players put up a strong defence. Before interval they scored an equalizer. In the beginning the match was slow, but later it became very interesting.

The match began again after the interval. The England. team’s players started to kick the ball hard. Our players put up a strong defence.

Both the teams tried hard but could not score a goal. The match ended in a draw.

Essay On A Football Match

Set 2: Essay On A Football Match

Yesterday I saw a football match. It was played between the teams of Delhi
Public School and DAV Public School on the grounds of Modern School, Delhi.

At 5 p.m. the teams entered the field. At that time there was a large number of spectators. The referee whistled and the match began.

From the very beginning DAV Public School played an offensive game. So the other team had to play defensively. The captain of DAV Public School got the ball just before the interval. He passed the ball to his colleagues who kicked it to the captain again. Then he kicked the ball. The goal keeper could not check it. It was a clear goal.

After the interval, the teams changed sides. Delhi Public School began an offensive game. The players did their best to score a goal, But DAV Public School defended successfully.

First before the end of the match, the goalkeeper of DAV Public School slipped. So the captain of Delhi Public School scored an easy goal.

The time was over. The referee whistled. Both the teams had scored a goal each. So the match ended in a draw. It was a very exciting match. Luck favoured both the reams. There were many ups downs.

I enjoyed it very much.

Set 3: Essay On A Football Match

Last week my father took me to the Netaji Stadium to watch the finals of the football match between Shri Ramaswamy College and a visiting team from South Korea. During his college days, my father was the captain of his team.

We bought our tickets and settled down in our seats, and soon all the stands were filled to capacity.

The game started on time and it was not long before the captain of the S R College inspired his team by scoring an early goal. The Koreans were very fast and it did not take them long to score their first goal. From them on the SR College team had to struggle and on two occasions missed netting the ball. At half time, the score remained at one all.

Five minutes after the break the South Koreans scored their second goal. Their teamwork, speed and dribbling was so fantastic that it was difficult for the SR College team to get past their defence. The SR College team tried very hard to even the score, but in the end they lost to the South Koreans by 4-1.

It match to watch. I was sitting at the edge of my seat right through the match. The Koreans proved to be a superior team than the SR College team, and all who were watching the match, had something to learn from them. It was a great experience that I shall not forget easily.

Set 4: Essay On Watching A Football Match

Watching a football match is an exciting experience. The other day I saw a football match between Seva Sadan Warriors team and L.E.H.S Challengers team. Hundreds of spectators had gathered to see the exciting match. Admission was based on tickets.
All the stands in the ground were packed. Students of local schools, shopkeepers, parents and other football lovers had gathered to witness the match. This match was a yearly event and the fans were very excited to see the competition. For two successive years, Seva Sadan Warriors had shown their dominance. Even this year they fought successfully to retain the championship. However, this time the fight was little harder than before.

The captain of the Seva Sadan Warriors, Mussadilal, could not have had a better day than he had on this occasion. He had given his team an inspirational start with an early goal. He received the close support from Bhatia with whom he sprinted with grace. They both impressed all with their speed.

From the the start, the defence of L.E.H.S Challengers faced a serious attack. This helped Seva Sadan Warriors to have three corners. In the 20th minute Rajesh, player of Seva Sadan Warriors raced in a beautiful single run, for a goal. He took a magnificent pass across the stretched defence and the ball came back from the bar. There was a roaring cheer among the spectators.

L.E.H.S Challengers had no answer about what was happening. However, in the 24th minute of the first half Lalu Shukla’s break through was cut short by Patel of Seva Sadan Warriors who conceded a corner. Then with dramatic quickness, the L.E.H.S Challengers struck a goal in the next minute. The score was even. Few remaining minutes of the first half were spent by Seva Sadan Warriors in efforts to regain the lead. However, they didnot succeed.

In the second half, Chellangers attacked continuously and with powerful effect on the opposing defence. Goalkeeper Firoz stopped their first attempt with a diving save. Than Pandey’s shot went straight into Firoz’s hands. The L.E.H.S team was resisting wilfully, but their fight could not continue to be effective for long.

Soon the attack of Seva Sadan Warriors increased and L.E.H.S Challengers seemed in danger. Finally, the struggle of the Challengers was broken as Warriors succeeded in making two goals in last seven minutes and won the match.

L.E.H.S Challengers had certainly put up a great performance, but the championship had to remain with the holders. The applause of the spectators could not be described. There was wild cheering all around.


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