Essay On Waiting For A Bus

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Essay On Waiting For A Bus

Big cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai have their own local bus systems. Delhi for instance is a city of long distances. If one were to use a scooter or a taxi, one would be put to a lot of expenses.

It would become impossible to visit one’s friends and relatives residing in the far flung parts of the town. This difficulty has been removed by connecting the various parts of Delhi with an efficient bus service. It is cheap too.

I went to see my elder brother in Lajpat Nagar last Saturday. I went to the Okhla bus stand, A large number of persons already stood in a queue, waiting for Bus No. 534. I also stood in the queue. In order to pass the time, the people were busy in one thing or the other. Some were having a chit chat; others were looking at the newspaper headlines and some were discussing the burning topics of the day. Ladies were busy knitting. At last a bus did come, but it was Bus No. 753 bound for Uttam Nagar. We began to wait again. Time hung heavy on our hands. After some minutes, I was pleased to read from a distance a Bus with No. 534. But it did not stop. It ran through as it already had a full complement of the passengers. I began to wait anxiously for the next bus.

It was sweltering hot. I was bathed in perspiration. I felt thirsty and uneasy. After a long time, another bus arrived but it took only limited passengers. I tried to rush in, but the conductor whistled and the bus began to move. I felt worried a lot. Soon another bus came, it was almost empty. I got a comfortable seat.

The bus had hardly covered two kilometres, when one of its hind tyres burst. All the passengers were asked to get down. I was impatient of further waiting. I hailed a taxi, he came in no time. I took my seat in it and reached my destination.

Essay On Waiting For A Bus


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