Essay On War and Peace

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Essay On War and Peace

From the beginning of time and recorded history, there have been wars. When nations are unable to resolve their differences by other means, they resort to war. Countless wars have been fought till now. Some are still being fought, right at this moment. Wars may or may not help us settle disputes but they definitely cause untold damage to human life and property. However, all the deaths and misery that wars bring have not stopped man from going to war again.

Nations spend vast sums of money to maintain huge armies and buy the latest weapons. Many of these nations are poor countries that cannot really afford to spend so much money on arms. Yet, in the entire world, there is only one nation that remains neutral and has no regular, full-time army, Switzerland.

Mahatma Gandhi was an apostle of peace, who showed the world that wars can be won without violence. But sadly, most people need to fight a war before they learn the value of peace.


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