Essay On Value Of Games And Sports

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Set 1: Essay On Value of Games

Games are a good physical exercise. They teach us team spirit. They make us disciplined in thinking and in actions. Games make us physically fit too. Physical fitness also relates to mental alertness. Healthy persons can think properly and promptly and in contrast an unhealthy person remains unhappy and dispirited. Games gives us positive attitude to move successfully in every walk of life. If we develop team spirit in our daily life perhaps most of the problems of the world will be solved.

Set 2: Essay On Value Of Games And Sports

It is only in a sound body that a sound mind lives. The value of games is now being more accepted in India. It helps in personal, social, educational and national growth. Games and sports are vital for the all-round development of individual’s personality. By playing games and sports, one cannot only develop his/her strong physique but also succeed in maintaining mental health.

Many diseases like hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, indigestion, etc. are the direct results of lazy lifestyle. Games keep our body alert, fit, active, young looking and energetic. Blood circulation increases and there is an increased supply of oxygen. Only a healthy person can work long, hard and happily. An unhealthy person may not take much interest in work.

Although a person can maintain good health by exercise, games and sports have additional benefits. They are played in groups and in healthy competitive spirit. Good health is very essential for improving the quality of one’s life. Moreover, character of a person is developed and it helps him to remain in good health. Co-operation, quality of leadership, honesty, mutual understanding and team spirit are other important qualities that are developed in person. Moreover, spirit of self-reliance, justice, fair-minded play, sportsmanship and sporting spirit are learnt through different games. Thus, people become adventurous, social, disciplined and more conscious of their duties towards society and nation.

The kind of enthusiasm, pleasure, excitement and fun provided by games and sports is unmatched. They bring confidence and teach to take both success and failure positively and in a sporting way. A player becomes broad-minded, tolerant and more honest in his approach and toughs. He learns the art of taking quick and right decisions. He may not lose temper even if he faces defeat because he would take it calmly and next time he would try to perform better with more determination. Thus, the negative realities of life are learnt by a person with a smiling face. They also help in overcoming the feelings of violence, arrogance and superiority.

Government and educational institutions have become sports-conscious and huge funds are being allocated for the promotion of different sports. Although sports in India are a state matter, the Centre helps the states by granting financial assistance and laying down rules for sports activities. Many states have now introduced games and sports as compulsory subject in schools. Some of them have also started sports schools and sports hostels.

Essay On Value Of Games And Sports

Set 3: Essay On Value of Games And Sports

Games and sports include all outdoor and indoor games. In ancient Greece, games and sports formed an important part of education. In the advanced countries of the present time, games and sports are a regular part of schools and colleges.

Games and sports have a special importance in our life. For complete progress and growth of our body and mind, playing games and sports is necessary. Paying no attention on health can result in illness and diseases. It creates bad effect on one’s mind and body. Those who take part in sports and games not only have healthy and strong body but also healthy and stable mind. They see life positively and are not afraid of the problems.

Games and sports may be of various kinds. Boys and girls may practice races, jumps, etc. They may play various games like football, basketball, cricket, hockey, volleyball, badminton, etc. These games and sports increase team spirit among the participants and make them disciplined.

Games and sports teach us fair, kind and polite behaviours. Qualities such as cooperation, discipline, team spirit and honest play are learnt through games and sports. Players learn to accept their victories and defeats gracefully. Personality of an individual is developed. Players not only learn to accept their wins and losses in games and sports, but also learn to accept the failures and successes of life gracefully.

Physical and mental growth becomes easy through games and sports. They keep the player fit, fresh, alert and smart. Pure and fresh air can be breathed in open parks, school grounds and playgrounds. Players become strong, active and energetic due to continuous practice, hardwork and exercise. They also come to know the importance of physical work in life. Tolerance levels of the players increases. The feeling of unity and equality is created among them. The spirit of partnership, teamwork and assistance is produced.

The importance of games and sports can never be reduced. Firstly, they provide exercise to our body and helps in building strong body and calm mind. They make us mentally focused. Secondly, we learn to deal with challenging situations. By displaying ourselves before thousands of audiences, we can overcome our nervousness. Thirdly, games and sports are helpful as they give us energy to learn our lessons well.

For these reasons, most of the countries value the importance of games and sports. They spend more money on improving the standard of games and sports among its players and sportspersons at national and international levels. However, we should work to spread the value of games and sports that encourages individual, social, national and international importance.

Set 4: Essay On Value Of Games

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an old saying. Physical fitness leads to mental alertness. Good health is the greatest blessing of God. Healthy persons can think properly, act promptly and work persistently. And in the present day world, work is the only way to success. An unhealthy person will remain unhappy and dispirited. Games keep us physically fit.

In all the games, some rules must be followed. Those who play foul are not allowed to play. If rules of the game are not observed, games will no longer remain the civilised activities of human beings. Games make us disciplined, in thinking and in actions. And discipline among the members of the society is of the greatest value. Our animal instincts are brought under control.

Games teach us team spirit. We must play as a team; playing as individuals spoils the chances of victory. Every player cooperates with the other in defeating the opposite side. If we develop this very team spirit in our daily life, perhaps most of the problems of the world will be solved.

While playing one has to obey the captain. On the field, a player is not supposed to dispute the decision of the captain. If players start disobeying him, there will be anarchy on the field. In life, if we obey parents at home, teachers in school and laws of the land, the world will be a better place to live in.

The possibility of defeat should not unnerve us. Sometimes we fear failure. Moreover, defeat should not disappoint us. Games teach us the right way to ace failure and be positive in our outlook.


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