Essay On Urban Life

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Set 1: Essay On Urban Life

Life in most big cities is disgusting. Many people living in urban areas say that they are sick of the cabined and confined life of big cities. Urban life is altogether an artificial life. Here man is completely cut off from Nature. He forgets the movement of the sun, the moon and the stars. City people lead artificial lives.

A man who lives in the country or rural area finds city life most unpleasant. A man who is born and bred in the city has different feelings. He is accustomed to the crowded and overbusy life of a city. He is able to adjust himself to the urban lifestyle. For him, urban life is an exciting adventure.

As the unemployment is rising in rural areas and many people are acquiring higher education there, many people rush to the cities to start a business or get a job. There is an increasing presence of multinationals in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata and many youth come to these cities to seek jobs. The business opportunities keep on expanding in cities and they also invite the young generation to the cities.

The big cities keep on expanding each day and thousands of new colonies are developing. Thus, the hustle and bustle and all types of pollutions are increasing every day. Everybody is busy here. No one has time even to talk to his neighbour or relative. Social contacts are missing. There is no value of life. The price of property is increasing day by day. Accidents are a usual occurrence and people have no time to take rest. The lust for money is increasing each day.

One may have some comforts while living in a city because all facilities are available here but one cannot have true joy. People here, are always in a hurry. They do not have the joy of living. They merely rush through life. They are soulless machines, they are mad after the material comforts of life. They are greedy, cunning, crafty and selfish.

Essay On Urban Life

Set 2: Essay On Urban Life

The migration from the countryside to city areas is merely a new phenomenon. This is a historic transformation on a global scale that consists of village culture being rapidly replaced by urban culture. Nowadays more than half of the world’s population lives in the cities.

The majority of the people migrate of the better employment opportunities, the medical and educational facilities but there are also other reasons like the fun attractions of city life. City life is far more interesting and appealing to young people that rural life with its theaters, cinemas, night clubs.

restaurants, shopping centers. places where you can practice some sport and gent a professional to help you out with it and all sorts of other things you can imagine.

Nevertheless urban life has its disadvantages too. Those ensure from the fact that inevitably life becomes more and more rapid in the city and that results in the way people act. They walk through life hurriedly without noticing the important things in life that are family and nature. They become more and more distant and loose their way to nature which leads to more and more medical conditions ensued by withdrawing from nature.

Life in our cities will become more perturbed in the future. The main problem will be overpopulation therefore the streets will become crowded with people, it will take hours to get anywhere. Even if the traveling issues are built to the sky. Other than that new technologies will develop even more and make life easier than today.

In conclusion city life is very appealing but its developing rates are harmful for man’s survival and future. Future generations will have to solve this problem.


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