Essay On Jack Of All Trades Master Of None

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Essay On Jack Of All Trades Master Of None

We have probably heard the saying, ‘Jack of all trades; master of none.’ It implies that by trying to learn many things, you fail to learn mastery of any of them. This proverb is used on the bases of long experience. The above mentioned proverb can be taken as an advice that is useful to all of us when we are on the point of selecting our career to make a living

The word ‘Jack’ indicating as a person has become well known in English literature. There is another familiar proverb in English, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’

The main objective of the proverb is to make us understand and take it as a warning that when a person is about to select his career or profession he has to be very careful. He must select a certain sort of work that he is interested in and that suites him the best. He should not try to master his skills in more than one work at a time because such approach will waste his energy and will lead him nowhere.

Many people are uncertain with their thoughts and decisions because they have divided aims. They involve themselves in various trades at one time in the hope of getting success in all corners. Unfortunately, success gets away from them, and they miserably fail. This proverb tries to explain us that a watch repairer must only repair watches. If he tries to repair cars or sells their spare parts, he will be called as a Jack of different trades. Thus, this suggests that a man should not take up many jobs at a time.

Just as there are exceptions in life, there can be exceptions in this proverb too. There are malls, which sell different types of goods ranging from pencils and eatables to expensive jewelleries. Similarly, there are successful writers who are intelligent enough to write dramas, stories, long essays, poems and observations. Thus, there are people who are Jack of trades and they do successful works in their respective fields.

This proverb also gives importance to the words, “master of none’. These words of the proverb advise us to be a master of any trade of our choice. A man can climb the ladder of success only if he works hard with determination in his specialized work. Depending on the interest of an individual, specialization can be achieved in one of the various fields like education, industries, medical, engineering, etc.

Therefore, this proverb spreads a useful advice and helps us in focusing our mind on a particular activity or a profession of our choice.

Essay On Jack Of All Trades Master Of None


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