Essay On Global Warming And Its Causes

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Essay On Global Warming And Its Causes

Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is a change that is believed to be permanently changing the climate of the Earth. One of the biggest problems faced by the world today is global warming. Many scientists believe that production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have a heating effect on the atmosphere. This is very dangerous for the survival of life on the Earth.

Global warming is affecting the nature’s balance. Continued heat waves, sudden occurrence of storms and floods are the effects of global warming. Scientific evidence indicates that since 1950, the world’s climate has been warming. This is because of the non-stop burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. There is a constant emission of carbon into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases absorb thermal radiation. When some of the radiations come back to the surface and lower atmosphere, it increases the average surface temperature. This leads to global warming.

There are many causes of global warming. The main cause is the increase in the greenhouse gases produced by burning fossil fuel and deforestation. The four main contributors of the greenhouse effect are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and ozone. Methane is released in the atmosphere due to mining of coal. The leakage from natural gas fields is another source of methane. Excessive cutting down of the trees is another cause of global warming. When deforestation occurs the efficiency by which carbon dioxide is stored and oxygen released by the plants, decreases. This results in high concentration of carbon dioxide leading to increase in greenhouse effect.

The release of nitrous oxide from fertilizers, industrial processes and gases used for refrigeration further contribute as the cause of global warming. Moreover, ice caps and glaciers reflect sunlight. Sunrays bounce back into the space away from the Earth. When icecaps melt, the Earth gets warmer as the oceans absorb sun’s thermal radiation.

Some regions of the Earth receive rain and some suffer drought due to global warming. Seasonal changes become unpredictable. Unexpected thunder storms take place. There are strong indications that release of chlorofluorocarbons is the major cause of the recent abnormal warming of the Earth. Chlorofluorocarbon does not trap heat. In the presence of ultra violet rays, the chlorine gets detached and converts ozone particles into oxygen particles. This reduces the thickness of ozone layer.

Global warming is a manmade problem. If small changes are made in the way we live, we can avoid hazardous changes in the future. Together we can make a difference! Scientists, Governments and common people are working together to overcome the threat of global warming.

Essay On Global Warming And Its Causes


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